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Help wanted: retail sales and other jobs available when you need cash

CareerBuilder | November 21, 2017

Whatever your situation, the following four seasonal opportunities might improve your cash flow and keep you busy.

Seasonal jobs can improve your cash flow and keep you busy. Many students like seasonal work because they can fit them around their classes, but even those who aren't in school can supplement their full-time incomes or use seasonal work as a buffer when they're between jobs. Whatever your situation, the following four seasonal opportunities might spark your imagination.

Retail Sales Associate

During the holidays, most retail stores hire extra workers to meet an increased shopping demand. Shops need workers to stock shelves, greet customers, run the point-of-sale registers, and handle incoming deliveries. Retirees often enjoy working as greeters or cashiers, while students might prefer more physical jobs, such as overnight stocking or unpacking cartons.

On average, retail sales associates earn about $12.50 per hour, so your income will depend on how many hours you work. Many retail stores need workers who don't mind a few hours of overtime, enabling you to boost your income further.

Tour Guide

When you love the great outdoors, why stay cooped up inside? During the summer, you can work as a tour guide for a national or state park or other wilderness venues. You'll learn about the site's history, flora, fauna, and trail system so that you can deliver the best possible experience for guests.

Tour guides can earn up to $19.90 per hour. They also receive tips at many venues, so you can increase your income if you're friendly and knowledgeable. Your wages will depend on where you work and the physical labor involved. The most common seasonal positions for tour guides start in late spring and last until late summer.

Cruise Worker

If you're open to setting sail on open waters, consider interviewing for a job with a cruise ship. You can work in guest service, food service, child care, medicine, sports and fitness, shore excursion, and dozens of other positions. Plus, you'll get free room and board in addition to your wages, so this job proves ideal for people who don't feel tethered to a specific place.

Expect to earn between $800 and $8,000 per month, depending on your job. Although most cruise ships run during the summer, some take winter excursions, so you might find work year-round.


Do you love working with kids? If so, have you thought about tutoring? You'll help kids and teenagers cope with their homework and study for tests during the school year. Some tutors work for themselves and advertise their services locally, while others take jobs with tutoring companies.

You might need a teaching background to get hired. However, some companies simply test potential employees to gauge their command of a subject. Wages vary depending on your credentials, experience, and geographic location. Some tutors earn $15 per hour, while others can charge up to $50 per hour for their services.

If you're looking for temporary employment, seasonal jobs offer ideal opportunities. However, some companies keep the best employees, so you might also gain an offer for full-time employment after a season ends.