8 gifs to describe the office at the end of the year

Quiet office

If you're one of the only people in the office right now, we can empathize.

If you're reading this right now while sitting at your desk, you're likely one of the few people in the office. Perhaps you're out of vacation days, you're new to the team, you can't take time off ... or maybe you chose to be in the office because – hey, you can actually get work done without being nagged or pulled into meetings. And you're probably either very slow because no one's around, or very busy because no one's around. Either way, it's going to be a long couple of weeks.

To keep you entertained, here are eight gifs to describe what the office is like these last couple of weeks of the year:

1. You stroll in late because why does it matter when no one is around to notice?

2. Once you actually get to your desk, you immediately turn around and head for coffee to kill some time.

3. You sit in the dark for a good 30 minutes until the next person arrives because you don't know how to turn the lights on (and sitting in the dark is kind of peaceful anyway).

4. You hear a faint conversation and you desperately try to locate the other source of life on your floor.

5. When you do find that other person who's working, you beg them to hang with you for a while to avoid the loneliness that is your workspace.

6. When you finally start working, you realize that you're able to be quite productive for a change.

7. You have to actually eat your own lunch because there aren't any meetings, meaning, there aren't any meeting leftovers.

8. You realize how much you appreciate your teammates, and get excited to see them when they're back.

Happy Holidays!