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Get ahead in your job search this holiday season

CareerBuilder | December 16, 2020

Job search over the holidays

This typically festive time of year is probably different for you in 2020 - take advantage of it.

While rest is crucial for success, and we all need as much as possible in 2020, you might be staring down a much quieter, more solo holiday season than usual. This time of year is typically full of parties, family and rushing to get gifts, and you might normally put a pause in your job hunt until January. But with the pandemic still leaving workers unemployed and fewer festivities on the calendar, now might be the best time to get ahead in your job search.

How to make your job search easy

Listen, we get it. You’re scrolling endlessly on your phone while stretched out on the couch or in bed, or just confirming that yes, you’re still watching, for hours. The good news for you is that all of your devices can get you hired quickly and easily. Close Instagram for five minutes and download job search apps(or open a new tab), build and save a resume in three easy steps, and start applying to jobs in minutes. You can even leave Netflix running in that other tab.

If you do happen to be traveling, these steps are doable in any amount of downtime you have, from waiting in airports to riding shotgun on a road trip.

Plus, one more thing to endlessly scroll and read: salaries for job titles and education levels, and about the companies you’re applying to.

Focus on your skills

“Transferable skills” have been growing in popularity for years – the idea that someone’s skills learned throughout their career can be applied to multiple roles and industries. As education requirements have changed, along with the natural evolution of businesses and their needs, so has the standard idea of a “career ladder.” Now, you’re looking at more of a career path, with twists and turns. This is actually good – you're not stuck in any industry or path you’re not interested in anymore, and you can bring a fresh perspective to new teams.

So not only should you consider your existing skills outside of their current application, take this time to identify and learn new skills. Throughout quarantine, was there a hobby or interest you mildly indulged? What about focusing on that again in the context of helping you land a new job?

Online classes or courses through Masterclass, Udemy,Skillshare and more can be free-to-cheap. Check out books (physical or digital) from the library. Setup a professional Instagram account, website or blog to chronicle your learning and show off your progress.

Give back while still adding to your skills

Another awesome, free way to expand or improve your skillset? Volunteer. From virtual opportunities to (safe) in-person experiences, there are tons of nonprofits and community groups that need your help. Maybe you’re looking to give back and hone existing skills – check out causes you care about to see if these organizations need your help. On the flip side, don’t hesitate to jump in and learn something new, especially if it’s for a worthy cause.

Up your professional presence

Now it’s time to share your new skills, proficiency levels and your progress to show employers you’re serious about your next role. Add your skills and expertise to your candidate profile (still from your couch!), along with your career goals and links to your blog or social accounts, and unlock the companies viewing your resume.

Launch a blog on Medium, create an up-to-date portfolio on Instagram or simply optimize your job seeker optimize your job seeker profile, but put yourself out there.

Make sure you’re signed-up to receive alerts from companies you want to work for, that you have your tailored resume(s) saved to your profile and start applying to jobsstart applying to jobs!