Fed up with your daily commute? It might be time to find a new job

Fortunately, if your commute is killing you, there are other options. Here are our tips to help you find a job closer to home

Long work commutes can drain your energy and your wallet: gas and toll prices can total hundreds of dollars per month, and long drives or traffic can take hours. Commuting via public transport can be expensive, too. Furthermore, long commutes can cause you to arrive at work exhausted — or leave earlier at the end of the day to beat rush hour.

Fed up with your daily commute? It might be time to find a new job

Attend Networking Events

Though tiring, attending networking events will be worth it in the long run by helping you land near where you live. Many organizations network at bars and host casual events, so you can drop by, meet new contacts, and make it home before it gets too late.

Find specialized organizations for your industry or get to know the people in your area by simply joining professional meetup groups. Even if the contacts you meet aren't hiring, they’re likely to know companies who are. To find a local job, meet local people!

Apply Advanced Search Criteria

CareerBuilder's job search function allows users to make their search as broad or as narrow as they want. For example, searching within 50 miles of Chicago may lead to more results, but it could land you a long commute. Using your zip code, limit results to a 5 or 10 mile radius; this way, every open position you find will be nearby.

Use Your Skills to Volunteer

Research local non-profits and consider offering your services to make new connections. For example, if you're an accountant, offer to review their tax status and balance their budget; if you're a marketing coordinator, offer to help with their social media accounts. Not only will this experience look great on your resume — you’ll also network with other volunteers. Additionally, as non-profit employees get to know you, they can recommend you to companies who may be hiring. It’s a win-win-win scenario: networking, resume building, and helping your community!

The Shortest Commute? No Commute!

If finding a job nearby with a short commute seems impossible, consider doing something counterintuitive: expand your search to the entire United States, or even to other countries! Modern technology empowers employers to hire the best talent regardless of their location. Who knows? The best job for you could be in a city or country thousands of miles away. Look specifically for remote work opportunities and you may never have to commute again.

Love your job, but hate your commute? Consider biking to and from work or working from home a few days a week. But if you think it’s time to make a bigger change, consider your commute when applying to new jobs — and follow our tips for the best chance of success!