Cupid is just a cubicle away

Office Romance 2015 - Header

CareerBuilder's office romance survey reveals that 37% of workers have dated co-workers

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but the sea's an awfully big place. Rather than searching the vast, uncharted waters, many workers are finding love closer to home according to CareerBuilder's annual survey on office romance.

The survey found that 37 percent of workers have dated a co-worker – a quarter of who say their office romance involved someone in a higher position than them. What's more, 19 percent of workers who have been a part of an office romance reveal one person involved in the affair was married at the time.

For some, staying close to home was the right move – 3 in 10 workers who dated a coworker say those romances led to marriage. However, others weren't so lucky – 5 percent of workplace-daters ended up leaving a job due to a relationship gone sour.

Co-workers share everything from gossip to refrigerators, but one thing that many consider off-limits is sharing exes. Other factors workers say would keep them from dating a co-worker include:

  • Doesn't work on a consistent basis: 39 percent
  • Has already dated someone else at work: 25 percent
  • Travels extensively for work: 20 percent
  • Has to work nights: 8 percent
  • Earns less money than me: 6 percent

Men and women differ in their opinions about what would make a co-worker "undateable." A partner who works on a consistent basis is much more important to women (51 percent) than it is to men (28 percent). Women are also less likely to date someone who has already dated a co-worker (29 percent compared to 21 percent of men).

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