Companies that are hiring and in these locations (June 3)

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What companies are hiring and where?

The top employers with open jobs include Pegasus Transportation, CRST International, Amazon, Nomad Health and Home Instead, among others. Click here to find a job at Amazon.

And almost every state in the U.S. is seeing positive job growth. Use location filters to find a job near you on

Top jobs available

Insurance sales agents:
267% increase in jobs posted
National average salary of $90,500

Hairdressers, hair stylists and cosmetologists:
109% increase in jobs posted
National salary of $46,000

Plus, these roles are becoming more in-demand: physical therapists, medical secretaries, critical care nurses, sales reps, general practitioners, transportation supervisors, truck drivers and licensed practical nurses.

Top industries that are hiring

The finance industry and insurance industry have remained relatively stable throughout the pandemic, and with most businesses starting to slowly re-open, hiring in these industries is on the rise. Transportation and warehousing continue to be top industries for finding employment. Find a transportation job here or apply to available warehouse positions.