How to land a holiday job (plus 7 companies hiring now)

Holiday hiring

Check out these 7 companies with open positions this holiday season.

Holiday items are already appearing on shelves – despite Halloween still being weeks off. So, if you're in the market for a seasonal job this winter, now’s the time to begin your search. And to help in your quest, we've compiled some top tips for pursuing the perfect holiday position.

Find the right job.
People take holiday jobs for a lot of different reasons, so some opportunities may be better suited to your needs than others. Are flexible hours important to you? How much does the company culture matter? Do you want to work somewhere known for its great benefits? Is location a major factor? Knowing what’s important to you in advance will help you identify the perfect holiday job for you.

Think beyond the holidays.

You may be asking yourself whether it’s really worth it to be picky when looking for seasonal work. Here’s one reason: This year 70 percent of companies who are hiring for the holidays expect they’ll keep some of their seasonal hires on board for full-time, permanent positions after the holiday season, according to a CareerBuilder survey.

Transitioning seasonal employees to full-time positions has become more and more common, so if you’re interested, don't be afraid to ask the hiring manager if the position could turn permanent. If hired, prove that you're worth the long-term investment by going above and beyond and being a trusted, go-to resource for your boss.

Look outside retail sales.
When you think about seasonal work around the holidays, you’re probably thinking mainly of retail. And while it’s true that retail is responsible for much of the hiring during the holiday season, don't worry if retail sales isn't your strong suit. CareerBuilder's survey found that companies across industries are hiring for a variety of areas, including customer service (38 percent), accounting and finance (24 percent), administrative and clerical support (22 percent) and technology (18 percent).

Avoid these mistakes.

Just because employers are looking to take on extra help around the holidays doesn’t mean they aren’t looking for people who will take the position seriously. According to CareerBuilder research, employers said being unwilling to work certain hours, not taking the interview seriously and not being enthusiastic are just some of the ways to lose the chance at a seasonal gig.

No matter what kind of job you're seeking, below are seven diverse companies that are currently hiring for a range of seasonal roles:

1. American Homes 4 Rent
Industry: Construction and real estate
Sample job titles: Construction superintendent, leasing coordinator, landscape technician, field maintenance tech, property manager
Location: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, North Carolina, Tennessee, Nevada, South Carolina, Indiana, Texas, Utah

2. BJ’s Wholesale Club
Industry: Retail
Sample job titles: Stock clerk, cashier, deli clerk, tire installer, recovery clerk, inventory clerk, produce clerk, cart retriever, gas station attendant, member services team member, bakery clerk, cake decorator, maintenance, food court attendant,
Location: Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire

Industry: Retail
Sample job titles: Pawnbroker, retail sales associate
Location: Nationwide

4. L Brands
Industry: Retail
Sample job titles: Warehouse associate, warehouse worker, merchandise handlers, merchandise processor
Location: Reynoldsburg, Ohio

5. Sears
Sample job titles:
Cashiers, sales floor associates, stock and replenishment, store managers, assistant store managers, supervisors, home services repair techs, sales, auto techs

6. Victra
Industry: Telecommunications
Sample job titles: Sales consultant, store manager, assistant store manager
Location: Nationwide

7. Volt
Light industrial, IT, engineering
Sample job titles:
Customer service representative, software engineer, maintenance mechanic, warehouse