Career lessons from Game of Thrones

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You may never claim the Iron Throne, but these lessons from the people of Westeros can help your career.

While your job probably doesn't involve advising a dragon-riding queen on her invasion of your homeland or convincing prideful warring factions to band together to defend their country against a zombie army, but that doesn't mean there's nothing Game of Thrones can teach you about achieving career success. Here are a few pieces of career advice to be learned from the people of Westeros:

Know your strengths, and don’t be shy about using them.

But don’t seek praise. Instead, seek to deserve praise.

Because actions speak louder than words.

Try not to take things personally

Work with people you trust.

But don’t expect to always make everyone happy.

Keep your skills fresh.

Don’t get arrogant.

Learn from you failures.

Because sometimes perseverance pays off.

Oh, and remember to dress appropriately.