Buying a gift for a co-worker this holiday? Keep it classy

Holiday Gifts 2016

Twenty-two percent of employees plan to buy holiday gifts for co-workers. It’s a great idea. Just don’t end up on this list.

Seriously, who doesn't love an office holiday party? Drinks are flowing, gossip is spilling and you get to see some people who work in close proximity throughout the workday make complete fools of themselves – forever changing your perception of them. Good times. According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 69 percent of employers plan to throw a holiday party this year, so good times could be in your future. ;)

Then there's the uncomfortable gift exchange. Whether you draw names out of a hat or decide to go the "white elephant" route, there is bound to be some laughs followed by the awkward sideways glance.

While less than 1 in 4 employees (22 percent) plan to buy a gift for their coworkers, about the same percentage (21 percent) plan to buy a gift for the boss. Here are two simple suggestions when it comes to holiday gift buying for the office:

Don't spend too much

Also, don't expect something extravagant from your desk-clump-mate. The majority of workers (73 percent) expect to spend no more than $25 on each gift. Others are a little more frugal, with 33 percent capping their spending at $10 and 11 percent spending $5 or less.

Don't make it weird

Try not to go too over-the-top with your gift giving. Remember, you have to spend vast amounts of time with these people very soon. CareerBuilder has compiled a list of actual gifts received by employees from their coworkers. These are the most unusual:

  • Two left-handed gloves
  • Coconut bra
  • Jar of gravy
  • A fake lottery ticket
  • A real stuffed duck
  • Toilet paper that looked like money
  • Post-it Notes
  • Dish detergent
  • A pen holder that looks like a crime scene victim
  • A comic book of an obscure movie
  • A handmade ornament for a sports team the recipient had never heard of
  • A singing chicken
  • A whip
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