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What Are the Fastest-Growing Industries? 16 In-Demand Jobs To Consider

Today's job market can be quite competitive, which is why choosing a career in an industry with lots of growth can be beneficial. An industry that's growing is more likely to have openings for a variety of positions and also to pay more, as employers will need quality people to fill those roles. According to multiple sources, below are four industries expected to grow over the next decade. Read on to learn about some of the 16 fastest-growing jobs in these industries.

Health care

The health care industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States, and these are some of the fastest-growing jobs in this field:

Nurse practitioner

Average salary: $55.05 per hour

A nurse practitioner can work independently from a physician, but the role requires a master's degree. While they can't perform surgery without the oversight of a doctor, they can diagnose patients, interpret test results, and prescribe medicine. However, the scope of their duties varies by state.

Home health aide

Average salary: $16.45 per hour

Some of a home health aide's duties include monitoring the vital signs of patients, preparing their meals, bathing them, and helping them with daily living activities. Many patients are over age 65, but some have chronic illnesses and diseases that prevent them from being able to care for themselves unassisted.

Physical therapy assistant

Average salary: $28.60 per hour

Interested in helping people recover from injuries or surgery? A job as a physical therapy assistant may be for you. Teaching people to use their limbs and muscles again after injury and pain management techniques are two important aspects of this rapidly-growing career.

Occupational therapy assistant

Average salary: $30.50 per hour

As an occupational therapy assistant, you can help patients with developmental disabilities and mobility challenges. These professionals provide patients with the tools they need to go about their daily lives with minimal assistance.


The transportation industry has many in-demand positions that are some of the fastest-growing jobs in the country. Here are some of them:

Logistics operator

Average salary: $16.20 per hour

Logistics operators are often responsible for multiple aspects of supply chain management. They need to be good problem solvers who can resolve issues that arise quickly and have superb communication skills.

Bus driver

Average salary: $16.55 per hour

This position requires the ability to focus and interact with a variety of people daily. A commercial driver's license and the ability to maneuver a large vehicle through traffic safely are necessary for this position.

Delivery driver

Average salary: $16.55 per hour

Delivery drivers take goods (often food, but not always) to people who order them. Sometimes, these drivers work on a deadline to deliver goods by a specific time, and they're often tipped when their service is timely or exceptional.

Truck driver

Average salary: $19.75 per hour

A truck driver hauls loads from one location to another using a semi-truck and a trailer. Working as a truck driver requires a special license and training to drive a big rig.


There are many jobs in the energy sector, but these are some of the fastest-growing:

Wind turbine technician

Average salary: $28.55 per hour

The duties of a wind turbine technician include the maintenance and repair of wind turbines, which requires knowledge of how these systems work. Although the job can be dangerous, it allows for travel and the opportunity to work outdoors.

Solar photovoltaic installer

Average salary: $23.10 per hour

Because solar power is a rapidly-growing industry, the job opportunities for solar photovoltaic (PV) installers are also trending upward. These professionals install solar panels and maintain them.

Derrick operator

Average salary: $35.10 per hour

As a derrick operator, you'll find job opportunities in the mining and oil industries. This job requires you to understand the operation of derricks that dig wells for extracting resources like oil.

Rotary drill operator

Average salary: $20.30 per hour

A rotary drill is a piece of heavy equipment that removes oil from underground, and a rotary drill operator is someone who knows how to handle this type of machinery. It can be a dangerous job, but there are often opportunities for advancement.


The technology industry has a wide array of fast-growing jobs, such as:


Average salary: $46.75 per hour

Using mathematics, statisticians analyze and review data for companies to help them make predictions for the future. They typically work in technology jobs but can also find employment in health care and government agencies.

Information security analyst

Average salary: $51.75 per hour

With the increase in internet use for businesses, many companies are in need of information security analysts. These highly skilled professionals can help keep a company's most vital records and information secure.

Data specialist

Average salary: $27.40 per hour

A data specialist is able to analyze data and report the findings to company leaders and stakeholders. They need to have a keen eye for detail and excellent computer skills.

Operation research analyst

Average salary: $62.95 per hour

If you have exceptional analytic skills and the ability to solve complex problems, you may succeed as an operation research analyst. You can work in many industries, as the desire to improve efficiency and increase revenue is sought after in most companies.

These are just some of the industries that are growing and providing jobs in the U.S. Get email alerts from Career Builder to learn about jobs that might interest you in any of these fields.

Looking for a great job? Consider these tips for finding one:

Get the right certifications for the job you want.

Try to keep your stress under control during the job search process.