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13 jobs you can do from home

CareerBuilder | May 24, 2022

Jobs you can do from home

If you're interested in remote work, here are 13 of the best jobs you can do from home in popular industries like health care, technology, and marketing.

Remote work is more popular than ever, so it's not surprising that plenty of job seekers are prioritizing positions where they can work from home. In fact, 90% of workers surveyed in 2021 stated they'd prefer to work from home full-time than return to an office. With added flexibility, many people find it easier to maintain a healthy work-life balance while working a remote job.

Remote work policies can vary between employers, but careers that rely on computers, technology, and mobile equipment are typically suitable for a work-from-home lifestyle. While it's definitely possible to collaborate remotely, professionals who handle most of their tasks independently often thrive when working from home, as they can limit distractions and control their environment. We've rounded up 13 jobs that fit the bill, including a few that pay especially well.

IT jobs you can do from home

Tech has been a fast-growing industry for years, but the recent trend toward remote and hybrid work environments has given IT careers another boost. Experts predict jobs for computer professionals could grow as much as 13.4% over the next decade.

Web developer

These professionals create websites for businesses, community groups, and individuals. Web developers are typically competent in the major programming languages, and many have an eye for design. They use these skills to build visually appealing sites that are easy to navigate.

Software tester

Software testers often work on a team with developers and quality assurance (QA) specialists to identify bugs and defects in software programs. They run test scenarios to make sure a program works as expected and look for ways to minimize the risk of error.

IT support specialist

If you enjoy problem-solving and interacting with people, you might put your tech skills to work as an IT support specialist. These professionals troubleshoot to help users solve tech problems. They might assist employees with internal systems and devices or help external users to navigate a tech product.

Health care jobs you can do from home

Medical professionals can work remotely thanks to new technology. Whether you're fresh to the field or a licensed professional, here are some work-from-home health care jobs you could pursue.

Registered nurse

You might picture nurses working in hospitals or clinics, but the advent and popularization of telehealth services allow some medical professionals to work from home. Registered nurses who work remotely might meet with patients via chat, video, or phone call to provide advice and treat medical conditions.

Medical transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists work for medical facilities to create written records of their appointments with patients. They typically listen to audio tracks or videos and write down what physicians, nurses, and surgeons say. Working as a medical transcriptionist can be an entry-level role that exposes you to the health care industry.

Marketing jobs you can do from home

If you have strong communication skills and enjoy data analysis, you might excel in a marketing position. These professionals often work at home for agencies, corporations, or a roster of freelance clients.


If you have a way with words, you could earn an income writing and editing articles, blog posts, video scripts, and more. Many companies hire freelance or full-time writers to create and edit promotional or instructional content. If you have a unique background, you could focus on a particular niche, like medical writing or technical writing.

SEO specialist

Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists help organizations tailor their content to maximize its reach. These professionals use analytical and research skills to ensure web pages rank highly on search engines.

Graphic designer

Graphic design is a promising field for professionals with artistic backgrounds. Graphic designers use design software to create images, logos, web pages, and advertisements for companies and individuals. These professionals can work full-time or freelance for many clients.

Highest-paying work from home jobs

Remote work can be lucrative, too. If you're curious how you can maximize your income while working from home, here are some high-paying remote jobs.

Business development manager

Business development managers are skilled professionals who help businesses manage their accounts, grow their client roster, and bolster their revenue. If you have experience in negotiation, sales, and business strategy, you could target a career in business development. These professionals typically earn an average annual salary of $126,000.


If you're familiar with some of the most common programming languages and like creating functional programs from scratch, working in programming might be fulfilling. Programmers write code, update outdated elements, and troubleshoot bugs. This career usually earns an average annual salary of around $95,500.

Product manager

Product management is a career that combines skills like research, data analysis, strategic planning, and marketing. These professionals help to develop a product, create it, improve it, and launch it. Great for strong communicators and critical thinkers with a knack for organization, product manager jobs typically pay about $125,500 per year on average.

Remote jobs you can do with no experience

If you're new to the workforce, you can still enjoy the perks that come with a remote job. Plenty of work-from-home positions hire employees with little or no experience.

Data entry specialist

Data entry specialists input information into internal databases to help organizations store a digital record. If you find yourself scanning documents for typos and enjoy keeping your personal files organized, you might enjoy data entry.

Administrative assistant

As an administrative assistant, you help busy professionals manage their schedules, files, expenses, and travel. Administrative assistants use calendar software, email, phones, and travel websites, so if you're familiar with computers, you might pick it up pretty quickly.

Whether you're looking for your first full-time job or you're just ready for a change, pursuing a work-from-home job can be fruitful. Your time and personal information are valuable, so remember to research an organization to make sure it's legitimate before accepting a remote job. Upload your resume to CareerBuilder to get started.

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