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The best state to find a job this month

CareerBuilder | August 24, 2021

See which states could provide the best career opportunities and which ones you might be best off avoiding, with our complete rundown of the country’s job scene.

Finding a job isn’t always as easy as looking for a new company to work for — sometimes it means you need to look for a whole new place to live, with some states offering far more opportunities than others.

We look at where in the US is the best place for your career, highlighting which state has the most jobs available and where you might be better off avoiding. Book the movers — your new home (and new job) are waiting. We’ve scanned the country and put pins in a map for the best places to work. It’s time to start asking around for some sturdy cardboard boxes, ’cause you’ve got some packing to do.

The top 10 states for finding work this month:

Map of the US showing the top ten states for job seekers.

1. South Dakota offers more August jobs than anywhere else

If you’re spending summer looking for work, heading to South Dakota could see sunshine on your horizon. The state is bursting with new opportunities, seeing 653 new jobs go live in the last month alone for the 13,469 people registered as unemployed.

In total, there are 4.89 jobs for every 100 unemployed people in South Dakota, with the most popular role being that of Retail Merchandiser.

Could you see yourself going south? Check out all our South Dakota jobs.

2. New Hampshire had 939 jobs go live last month

Despite being known as the Granite State, the New Hampshire job market isn’t too hard to break into. In fact last month they saw 939 new jobs hit the market, giving hope to the 21,555 people currently unemployed in the area.

With 4.36 jobs on offer for every 100 looking for work, opportunities are out there if you’re willing to make the move. Explore all our New Hampshire jobs.

3. North Dakota offers 4.02 jobs for every 100 unemployed

It isn’t only South Dakota where opportunities are presenting themself - its northern sister also has plenty on offer, posting 651 new jobs throughout the past month. Despite being the third least populous state in the country, its retail market is thriving, with 6.67% of all new jobs listed being for Retail Merchandiser.

Can you see yourself in the Great Plains? Check out all our North Dakota careers

4. Nebraska has over 1,000 new jobs up for grabs

Home to the world’s largest ever mammoth fossil, Nebraska has more than just a fascinating past to draw you in. The state posted 1,012 new jobs last month, with a thriving retail sector and buzzing university town in Lincoln offering plenty of places to find work.

The state’s rock formations and natural wonders have been attracting people for centuries. Could its job market see you make the move? With 3.91 jobs per 100 unemployed, you’ve got a fair shot at landing something you love. Check out all our Nebraska jobs.

5. Choose from over 4,000 new jobs in Minnesota

Minnesota is home to some of the most successful Fortune 500 companies in the world. Target, General Mills and Polaris all base their HQs in the state, making it a thriving place to get your foot in the door for a great range of careers. The summer months have brought even more jobs out of hibernation, adding a further 4,145 to their already bursting collection.

Fancy calling The Twin Cities home? See all our open Minnesota jobs

6. Iowa saw nearly 2,000 new jobs posted in the last month

Iowa? I hardly know her! Not only does Iowa have the most pigs of any state (it’s true, google it), it also has a fair few jobs on the market. In the last month, 1,893 job postings based in Iowa went live. That’s 2.85 jobs available for every 100 unemployed people.

Ever wanted to live in the Hawkeye State? Have a look through our Iowa job listings.

7. Georgia’s job market is booming

With more jobs posted in the last month than any other state on this list (5,929, to be exact), Georgia has plenty of opportunities to offer jobseekers. The state is full of iconic attractions, such as Stone Mountain, Savannah (supposedly America’s most haunted city), and of course, a ridiculously large amount of peaches.

With so much to offer both culturally and professionally, and 2.85 jobs available per 100 unemployed people, this just might be your new home.

Hop on that midnight train and browse all our Georgia job listings now.

8. There were over 1,500 Kansas job postings last month

Known across the world as the setting of one of the most iconic musicals ever made, the so-called Sunflower State offers plenty of jobs for those searching for somewhere to call ‘home’. We posted 1,578 jobs based in Kansas last month, and the state recorded only 55,959 unemployed people, out of a population of nearly three million.

Whether you like the look of Kansas City, Wichita, or Topeka, there are plenty of Kansas job listings on our website.

9. Utah, the Beehive State, has ample opportunities for workers

Home of the best skiing in the country, and some of the most stunning landscapes in the world, Utah offers so much alongside the 1,244 jobs posted last month. The state currently has 2.81 job openings per 100 unemployed people, so if you’ve ever wanted a change of scene, and for that scene to specifically involve Salt Lakes of any kind, you’re in luck.

As long as you’re not planning on catching fish using a crossbow, or causing a catastrophe (both are illegal in the state of Utah), see what Utah based jobs are available on our website.

10. Alabama is the 10th best state to find a job

Just making its way into the top 10, Alabama has proven to be a great state to find a job in over the past month. Known for the amazing food on offer, being the cultural soul of the Deep South, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ claim of loving their ‘Ma and Pa’, Alabama is a great place to look if you fancy a change.

With 8.13% of its 2,053 jobs being in Retail Merchandising, this is the perfect place to have your eyes on if this is your area of choice.

Has the Heart of Dixie captured your heart? Browse all available Alabama jobs today.

The top 10 states for August job hunting:



Unemployed (last month)

Jobs posted

Jobs per 100 unemployed


South Dakota





New Hampshire





North Dakota







































The worst five states to find a job in August 2021:

Worst states in the US to find a job this month.

Not every state offers ample opportunities if you’re looking for work. Whether that’s due to a high population or just a scarcity of employers, some make the job hunt much harder, and could leave you looking elsewhere for opportunities.

1. Nevada is the worst state for August job seekers
The gold rush is certainly on hold in Nevada, as jobs dry up over the summer season. While 954 were listed last month, when shared out between the 122,104 people looking for work in the state, that’s barely enough to go around. In fact, for every 100 job hunters there are only 0.78 jobs available.

Fancy your chances? Take a look at our Nevada jobs.

2. New York offers 0.85 jobs for every 100 people looking
They might have named it twice, but The Big Apple certainly isn’t big on job opportunities right now. The state currently has 726,438 registered as unemployed, providing huge competition for the 6,192 jobs posted last month.

Explore all our New York jobs.

3. California has almost 1.5 million job hunters
Despite being home to Silicon Valley and some of the most successful tech companies in the world, California also struggles with a huge unemployment problem. In fact at the last time of counting, 1.45 million people were out of work in the state, all fighting over last month’s relatively small addition of 13,426 new jobs.

If you’re up to the challenge, explore all our California jobs.

4. The job market in Texas is fairly slow this summer
They say everything’s bigger in Texas, but this is not the case with their employment numbers. One of the largest US states, the unemployment rate is very high, recording 908,527 people without jobs last month. Additionally, with only 10,049 jobs posted in Texas in the same time period, there are currently only 1.11 job openings per 100 unemployed people.

The BBQ may be great in Texas, but the odds of finding a job certainly aren’t. Think you can beat the odds? Browse all our Texas jobs and see what happens.

5. There were under 3,000 job postings in Arizona last month
A desert both in terms of its geography and its job market, Arizona is currently the 5th worst state to find a job in. With 244,719 unemployed people competing for 2,792 jobs, the job market is ironically an environment perfect for the famous Saguaro cactus: dry.

If you ask us, it’s best to keep your visit to Arizona purely touristic for now. Is living in the Grand Canyon State worth the work? Have a look at our Arizona job listings.



Unemployed (last month)

Jobs posted

Jobs per 100 unemployed







New York



















Are you ready to make the move?

No matter which state you have your eyes on or which field you want to work in, we can help. You’ll find thousands of brand new job listings on our website each day. Whether you have been persuaded by one of the top 10 states in this article, or want to go somewhere completely different, we’ll help you find a job you love. Search for your next job and start packing your bags.

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