6 unusual accountant jobs to consider

Accountant Jobs

There are a variety of accounting jobs that take you outside of the traditional corporate office.

Accounting jobs you should consider:

When you think of an accounting job, you likely think of a gig at an accounting firm or in a corporate environment. Yet, there are an array of opportunities available to those with an accounting degree that can take you out of the office and into the sports arena or entertainment industry. Not to mention you have the potential to earn a pretty penny, with the average accounting or auditing job making $36.14 an hour* (or about $75,000 for a 40 hour a week full-time position).

If this all sounds good to you, here are six out-of-the-box accounting jobs to consider:

1. Accountants for entrepreneurs

People who start businesses are usually passionate about what they do, whether it be baking cakes or planting landscapes. However, they rarely have knowledge and skills for both their work and the financial aspect of their business. These creative types need accounting services, and banks and other lending or investment institutions also need entrepreneurial financial experts.

As an entrepreneurial accountant, you'll work with start-ups to determine the risks involved and potential profits to be made for different business endeavors. Pay for these jobs varies widely according to where workers are employed, but the earning potential is high for those who have a knack for identifying good investments.

2. Nonprofit organization accountants

Is there a cause dear to you, such as the ethical treatment of animals, helping the homeless or protecting the environment? Becoming a nonprofit organization accountant is considered a gateway to higher-paying corporate jobs. Plus, you get to work toward a worthy cause along the way. Surprisingly, many nonprofit organizations pay quite well, depending on experience, location and certifications achieved.

3. Corporate entertainment accountants

Before a show or movie can get off the ground, entertainment companies need to know their production budget. Some corporate entertainment accountants work directly for movie production companies, and others work for accounting firms to support the entertainment industry. Other opportunities in this field include jobs in the hospitality industry, video gaming industry and music industry.

These professionals set budgets for productions and help production managers and artists stick to the budget throughout the process. These are highly competitive positions requiring long hours and travel, but the potential for a six-figure salary is attractive enough to keep most people in the game.

4. Sports team accountants

Don't tell Tom Brady or Lebron James, but it takes more than spectacular touchdown passes and three-pointers to keep the multi-billion dollar sports industry afloat. Behind the scenes, accountants help teams score lucrative television deals, set ticket prices for stadium seats, stick within the league's salary cap limits and solve other important business matters.

5. Environmental accountants

Companies may produce commercials about going green, but before they implement any sustainability efforts, they need to make sure it's going to return a profit on the investment. Environmental accountants help companies find ways to go green and save money while doing it, such as getting government incentive payments or finding ways to sell byproducts that normally end up in a landfill.

Environmental accountants help companies build sustainable buildings, implement fuel-efficient vehicle fleets and find energy alternatives such as solar power solutions.

6. Accounting software developers

Combining your left-brain accounting skills with your right-brain creativity, you can develop software for companies and other accountants. This software is sometimes generalized for a broad range of applications, but other packages are designed for a specific company or industry, such as real estate, life insurance or retail stores.

As companies do more business over the internet, there is an increasing need for e-commerce software, too. Some work for software development firms, while others are employed by companies in need of specialized software systems.

Every business and industry needs good accountants to keep the books straight. The ability to find ways to cut operational costs, find new streams of revenue and protect the company from excessive tax liabilities is helpful in any industry or corporation.

*Hourly wages from Emsi

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