Do as truckers do: use a smartphone for your next job search

put your smartphone to work in your job search

Truckers depend on smartphones to land great jobs in their field, but they're far from the only mobile job seekers. Learn why you should use a smartphone for your next job search, no matter what your career path is.

Why Truckers Increasingly Rely on Smartphones

Before the advent of smartphones, many truck drivers depended on their brokers or dispatchers to keep them up to date on the best paying jobs. Since truckers spend most of their time on the road, they rarely have time to peruse job boards or attend networking events.

Today, smartphones keep truckers connected when they're on the road, and these mobile devices also help drivers land lucrative trucking jobs. From comprehensive job sites to dedicated industry apps, smartphones give truckers the flexibility and mobility they need to find local, regional, and long haul jobs.

Why You Should Search for Jobs on Your Smartphone

Whether you're a truck driver, a health care provider, an educator, or any other type of professional, you can put your smartphone to work. A mobile job search can benefit you in a few key ways.

Make the Most of Your Time

You probably don't keep a laptop by your bed or use a desktop computer during your commute, but you might use a tablet or a smartphone when you're on the subway or relaxing in the evening. If you don't have time to set aside a few hours all at once, use your smartphone to look for job listings and apply for openings every time you have 15 or 20 minutes to spare. That way, you'll make the most of your downtime and fit your job search seamlessly into your day.

Save and Share Job Listings

Even if you're one of the 43 percent of Americans who uses a smartphone to look up job information, you might not be ready to submit an application while you're on the go. That doesn't mean you can't benefit from smartphone job searches, though. Use your smart device to save potential jobs or email the listings to yourself so you can focus on them when you have more time.

Get Notifications

Staying on top of new job listings can be a full-time position, especially if you're looking in a popular field. When you rely on Google Play or Apple job search apps instead of an online search, you can opt to receive notifications that alert you the moment a great job opens up. Just click on the notification to apply for an opening the moment it's listed or save it for later.

Network on the Go

Networking is essential in most industries, but that doesn't always have to include in-person events. Use your smartphone to take your social networking to the next level and make key connections in your industry. Build up your social profiles, network with potential colleagues, and connect with interesting companies to land the perfect job.

Whether you're just starting out in your industry or you're quickly climbing the ladder, you can increase your chances of success. Incorporate a smartphone into your job search for a more convenient and effective method of furthering your career.