8 GIFs that illustrate how nurses deal with stress

Nurses stress

70 percent of nurses are burned out, thanks to long hours and high stress situations. Find out how nurses manage their stress.

Have you hugged a nurse today? He or she could probably use it. A new CareerBuilder survey finds that 70 percent of nurses feel burned out in their current jobs – and it's not hard to understand why. In addition to working long hours and dealing with life-or-death situations on a daily basis, they are one of the most in-demand occupations around today.

To mark the end of National Nurses Week 2017, and in keeping with this year's theme, "The Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit," we asked a few nurses we know to tell us how they deal with stress. Here's what they told us, as illustrated in GIFs.

1. They schedule a sweat session.

"Regular exercise helps me deal with stress." – Susie H., an oncology and medical-surgical nurse

2. They pour a glass (or two) of vino.

"Two words: Red wine." – Shannon E., a labor and delivery nurse

3. They enlist the help of a professional (masseuse).

"I also treat myself to a massage every once in a while." – Susie H.

4. They give themselves a rush of adrenaline.

"I participate in adrenaline hobbies like sport bike riding to get a rush outside the ICU environment." – Lauren W., a cardiothoracic ICU nurse

5. They commune with nature.

"Being outside helps me de-stress." – Jane S., a NICU nurse

6. They go for a walk.

"I bike or take a walk around the block during the shift." – Marita K., a transplant nurse

7. They take a moment to themselves.

"Sometimes you have to step back and count to 10 when you get stressed." – Molly P., oncology nurse

8. They know laughter is the best medicine.

"If we have a bad night, we vent to each other about it, and usually end up with someone making us laugh about it." – Jessica Y., obstetrics nurse

Are you a nurse (or know someone who is)? Tell us how you manage stress @careerbuilder with the hashtag #NursesWeek