7 career tips I learned from Batman and Superman

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Yes, you can learn valuable career lessons from these feuding superheroes.

Two of pop culture's largest icons are set to lock horns this weekend for the first time on the silver screen in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." If you're looking for early spoilers or a detailed description of key plot points within the movie, you've come to the right place!

And all the helpful career tips and tricks you find in the dialog—wow! I am happy to share insightful job search and workplace advice revealed throughout the movie.

Or not…but we have re-enacted scenes from the movie using action figures and cartoon screenshots. This is serious, guys.

***No REAL spoilers ahead***

1. Check the career site. Before you apply to every job available at a desired employer, a quick search of their career site may help you find a position that better suits your qualifications – giving you a better chance to stand out from the crowd.

2. Use relevant references. Make sure your references can provide insight into your work performance that is relevant to the position you're applying to. For example, if you're a former farmer from Kansas looking for a reporting job in Metropolis under a secret identity, maybe don't use a fighter jet test pilot/intergalactic police officer as a reference.

3. Positive references make a difference. I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but take the time to check in with anyone you list as a reference. Prep them about the position and make sure they are ready to give glowing reviews. If at all possible, avoid using an arch-nemesis – especially a psychotic clown.

4. Be aware of body language. There are certain things that employers consider deal-breakers in an interview. These may include checking a text message, avoiding eye-contact or hugging the interviewer with enough force to stop Doomsday.

5. Practice makes perfect. Before you head into the interview, review popular interview questions and practice some answers. Your ability to communicate plays a huge role in the interview. Even the world's greatest detective has difficulty thinking on his feet with little prep time.

6. Avoid office hostilities. Once you get the job, steer clear of situations that may cause friction between co-workers. For instance, changing the thermostat too high or too low can lead to a loss of productivity and cause conflict in the office. Not everyone can survive in the cold vacuum of space, Supes.

7. Call in sick…when you're actually sick. Sure, they give you sick days for a reason. But, if you're going to call in sick either a) be honest or b) don't post to social media that day. Your boss at the Daily Planet may stumble across your day out in Chicago if you post a picture of The Bean when you're supposed to be home sick.

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