10 industries hiring thousands of workers right now

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Top 10 companies hiring this week

These include Amazon, Panera Bread and Doordash.

Available jobs right now

Check out these 8 in-demand roles and apply in minutes on CareerBuilder.com:

  1. Truck driver
  2. Registered nurse
  3. Software developer
  4. Retail sales
  5. Retail supervisor
  6. Customer service representative
  7. Personal care aide
  8. Stock clerk

Industries with open jobs

The top 10 industries that are hiring right now include:

  1. Administrative jobs
  2. Waste management jobs
  3. Retail jobs
  4. Health care jobs
  5. Transportation jobs
  6. Warehousing jobs
  7. Manufacturing jobs
  8. Food service jobs
  9. Finance jobs
  10. Insurance jobs