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Applying for membership in the Partnership Program is a great way to earn extra revenue for your web site. By integrating the job search tool and links on your site, members can earn commissions for the traffic they drive to

Why Should You Apply?

  1. It's free to join.
  2. pays you.
  3. Once approved, you can offer's valuable services to your site's users.

Three Ways Members Earn Revenue

  1. Applications to Job Postings - Job seekers can apply to as many jobs as they like, and members are paid for the total applications received. Applying to jobs is free for the job seeker.
  2. Job Posting - Members are compensated for every online job posting that is purchased and posted on through the online form.
  3. Consumer Products - Products like CB Resume, Resume Direct, and Sure Check help aid the job seeker in their job search process. And members get a commission for each sale as well!

Apply Now and Start Making Money!  Send your site information, traffic details, marketing outline and any other relevant information to our partnership team at:

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