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We always knew there had to be a better way to buy used cars. One that would make the process easy and fun. So we created CarMax, and we've been changing the way America buys cars since we opened our first store in Richmond, Virginia, in 1993.

Through hard work and dedication, we've grown from that one store in Richmond to more than 100 stores across the country. We’ve sold more than 4 million cars. We've appraised more than 16 million. And the news is buzzing with stories about CarMax, the experience we offer our customers, and the work environment we provide for our Associates.

Cosmetic Supervisor

Job Description

While supervising Detailers, Reconditioning Technicians, and Painters, the Cosmetic Supervisor’s responsibilities include completion of cosmetic inspections on all vehicles to be reconditioned.  In addition, the Cosmetic Supervisor is responsible for maintaining optimal vehicle flow through assigned work zones, maintaining CarMax cosmetic quality standards on all reconditioned vehicles, and maintaining both high quality and production efficiency for the Store’s Cosmetic Technicians.

Job Requirements


  • Completes Cosmetic Inspections on vehicles entering the reconditioning process.
  • Ensures that the cosmetic repairs specified result in finished vehicles that meet CarMax cosmetic quality standards.
  • Maintains a sufficient supply of vehicles with completed cosmetic inspections to support the input needs of the daily production process.
  • Achieves daily and weekly production targets in each cosmetic work zone (Paint, Detail and Cosmetic Reconditioning).
  • Monitors FQC failures for cosmetic issues, corrects these issues and determines root causes to eliminate repetitive causes of FQC failures.
  • Maintains Detailer, Reconditioning Technicians and Painter’s efficiency levels within CarMax documented guidelines.
  • Maintains Detailer, Reconditioning Technicians and Painters quality performance levels by regularly checking individual output vs. specified repairs and providing regular feedback on individual work quality.
  • Ensures that each cosmetic work zone maintains an adequate level of qualified, properly trained staffing
  • Maintains a schedule for all direct reports that provide adequate coverage to support daily and weekly production requirements.
  • Reacts to short term capacity changes by adjusting schedules and staffing and the use of sublet vendors as needed.
  • Ensures that there is sufficient qualified backup capability available to complete cosmetic inspections when additional volume requires this or during periods when the cosmetic supervisor is not on duty.
  • Manages on-lot sublet vendors.

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