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MORTGAGE CONSULTANT - English & Bilingual Spanish

Job Description

SALARY RANGE: $45,000- $65,000+

FLSA: Non-Exempt

LOCATION:  Offices Nationwide

CONTACT: HR Department: [Click Here to Email Your Resumé]

BENEFITS: Excellent single/family health and dental PPO, 80% employer contribution & 401K.





NACA, the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (, is the most exciting and growing organization to be a part of in the country.  NACA is a high-profile organization whose programs and advocacy are frequently featured in the national, international and local media including the Wall Street Journal, ABC, Fox, CNN, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post and many others.  We are a national non-profit homeownership, HUD-certified housing counseling and community advocacy organization.  Started in 1988, NACA has a tremendous track-record of successful advocacy against predatory and discriminatory lenders. Presently, NACA is the largest and most effective housing services and advocacy organization in the country.  We are rapidly expanding our 40+ local offices and a national call center, and hiring for existing and new offices nationwide. NACA is also increasing the services to its customers. NACA’s confrontational community organizing and unprecedented homeownership programs have set the national standard for assisting low- and moderate-income people achieve the dream of affordable homeownership. 


NACA’s success is a result of its aggressive, confrontational advocacy.  NACA has taken on campaigns against some of the most powerful companies and individuals and has won.  These have been long-term campaigns, some lasting more than four years.  NACA has won victories against Fleet Bank, Ford, The Associates, First Union, Senator Phil Gramm, Chase, HUD, NeighborWorks and others.  NACA has revolutionized mortgage lending with its mortgage services and advocacy.   NACA continues to this day its aggressive advocacy against predatory lenders and the fight for economic justice.     


NACA has established the national standard for its homeownership programs.  The NACA programs are structured through a state-of-the-art, web-based, paperless client management, processing and underwriting software called “NACA Lynx."  NACA provides comprehensive counseling for many of the following NACA’s programs:

  • Purchase – For homebuyers who will be owner-occupants.   The Purchase Program makes affordable homeownership a right for homebuyers who adhere to NACA’s requirements and processes.  By basing its mortgage underwriting criteria on homebuyers’ overall circumstances and not traditional risk-based pricing or credit scores, NACA provides broad access to its Best in America mortgage – that is, a mortgage with no down payment, no closing costs, no fees, and no requirement for perfect credit that is always at a below-market, fixed interest rate (go to for the current rate).  Everyone gets the same incredible terms, including the below-market interest rate, regardless of their credit scores or other factors.  NACA has $13 billion in mortgage commitments from the country’s largest lenders to fund Best in America mortgages.  Virtually 100% of NACA Qualified customers are approved and funded.
  • Home Save – For homeowners with an unaffordable mortgage.  Started in 2007, NACA’s Home Save Program has become the largest and most effective program in providing affordable solutions and has provided such solutions to over two-hundred-thousand at-risk homeowners nationwide. NACA has been able to restructure unaffordable mortgages by permanently reducing interest rates to as low as two-percent and reducing outstanding principle balances to achieve affordable mortgage payments.  NACA has legally binding agreements with all the major servicers and lenders requiring them to provide through NACA the best solutions for at-risk homeowners. 
  • Renovations – For Purchase Program homebuyers whose property is in need of repairs.  NACA’s Home and Neighborhood Development (“HAND") Department guides homebuyers through the repair and renovation process. 
  • Post-Closing – For Purchase Program homeowners who have experienced unforeseen financial difficulties.  NACA’s Membership Assistance Program (“MAP") provides services for NACA homeowners especially those delinquent on their NACA mortgage with assistance including mortgage modifications, payment agreements and financial assistance to help avoid foreclosure.
  • Legal Advocacy – For NACA Members and other primarily low and moderate income residents who have been financially exploited, NACA’s legal team pursues remedies where there has been a pattern of abuse including fraudulent modification companies and others. 
  • Advocacy – For NACA Members and primarily low and moderate income people and communities.  NACA has revolutionized mortgage lending with its homeowner advocacy. NACA continues to fight for affordable homeownership, advocate against predatory lenders and fight for economic justice. 


NACA staff has a passion for and commitment to community advocacy and the delivery of excellent services to working people.  While advocacy campaigns are an important part of everyone’s work at NACA, staff spends the majority of their time providing comprehensive housing services to low- and moderate-income people through NACA’s Purchase and Home Save Programs.  NACA offers tremendous opportunities for job growth and career development.   NACA has a strong track record of promoting from within and rewarding hard work.  NACA seeks staff with a positive and open attitude, a willingness to work hard, and the determination to achieve NACA’s mission.  NACA is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages minorities and bilingual people to apply.



The Mortgage Consultant and Remote Mortgage Consultant are primarily responsible for providing comprehensive individual housing counseling services to homebuyers and at-risk homeowners (“Members").   This position includes Mortgage Consultants who provides these services face-to-face in a local NACA office while the Remote Mortgage Consultant provides them via phone from NACA’s Counseling Center in Charlotte, North Carolina with both positions referred to herein as “Mortgage Consultant".  While NACA assists homeowners with an unaffordable mortgage (“Home Save Program"), most Mortgage Consultants focus on the Purchase Program (i.e. homebuyers).  Thus the Mortgage Consultant must work with homebuyers to assist them through the home buying process to overcome the roadblocks that prevent them from purchasing a home.  The Mortgage Consultant provides individual counseling and assistance from the initial intake to the mortgage closing.  The primary responsibility is to have the homebuyer become NACA Qualified (i.e. mortgage ready).  Mortgage Consultants responsibilities include: make counseling decisions appropriate to the particular homebuyer’s circumstances without consideration of their credit score, identify follow-up actions and additional documents on a written action plan, follow-up with problem resolution, and take action to facilitate successful completion of the task(s).



The Mortgage Consultant must accomplish the following on a day-to-day basis.


General Counseling:

  • Understand the Member’s desire and motivation to become a homeowner or save his/her home.
  • Educate the Member on the NACA mission and its services.
  • Provide clear direction on what is needed to become a successful homeowner.
  • Work effectively with NACA’s state-of-the-art computer software system (“NACA Lynx"), including the accurate completion of documentation and entry of Member documents and data.
  • Write narrative entries and action plans, documenting next steps, after each counseling session.


Purchasing Counseling:

  • Work with the Member to develop an affordable budget and address budget issues that could be a roadblock to homeownership.
  • Examine and process all documents required to prove and demonstrate homeownership readiness, seeking clarification and explanations as needed.
  • Obtain complete documentation and input the documentation into NACA Lynx.
  • Determine if the Member is ready for homeownership by reviewing and addressing his/her history of payments on liabilities and other credit information.
  • Help the Member determine the maximum purchase price he/she can afford, based on a number of factors and the Member’s individual circumstances including his/her demonstrated ability to pay.
  • Provide Action Plans for homebuyers on their tasks to become NACA Qualified.
  • Educate the Member on alternative mortgage products or solutions.
  • Qualify the Member based on his/her readiness for homeownership and an affordable mortgage payment taking into account their unique financial and personal circumstances.
  • Respond to the NACA Underwriters on outstanding conditions which should be minimal.
  • Assist Members during the housing search and home purchase.
  • Submit and obtain approval for NACA Credit Access, required to originate a NACA Mortgage. 
  • Originate a NACA Mortgage.
  • Work with the NACA’s HAND Department on property repair and contractor issues.
  • Address lender conditions where necessary.


Home Save Counseling:

For Mortgage Consultants who work on the Home Save Program for homeowners with an unaffordable mortgage, he/she would obtain required documents, develop a budget based on what the Member can afford and submit the complete file.  The file is submitted to the Member’s servicer requesting an affordable mortgage payment with the required documentation and disclosures.


Additional Programs & Responsibilities:

  • Assist in advocacy campaigns.
  • Conduct Home Buyer, Home Save and Purchase Workshops
  • Assist in outreach focused on low/moderate income communities, churches and job sites.
  • Other duties as assigned.



A Mortgage Consultant must be able to meet the demands of the job that consists of 45 to 50+ hours a week.  The Mortgage Consultant must obtain written pre-approval from their Office Manager or national management to work overtime or per NACA’s policies.  NACA reserves the right to modify a Mortgage Consultant’s work hours by increasing hours, reducing hours, changing shifts, and/or requiring weekend work.  Such modifications may occur on short notice including during an existing shift. 

  1. Typical day is 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 
  2. Two weekends every month for Home Buyer Workshops of five hours (not required for Remote Mortgage Consultants).
  3. Participation at American Dream events is required for Remote Mortgage Consultants, Mortgage Consultants located in offices close to an event, and others as determined by NACA.
  4. The Mortgage Consultant must be flexible, ready and willing to address other campaigns and activities as required by NACA including travel.   This may include participating, either by phone or at an American Dream Events (which occur primarily over five days including weekends).
  5. The Mortgage Consultant must have high work efficiency by spending over 80% of his/her time in NACA-Lynx during work time, or as adjusted by national management, (“Work Efficiency"), since virtually all of NACA’s activities require work in NACA-Lynx. 
  6. Mortgage Consultant must not to engage in any time theft.  During work time the Mortgage Consultant is to be working and not engaging in non-work discussions and activities.  Non-work activities are done off site or in designated areas at times approved by the Office Manager or National Management and not paid. 
  7. Mortgage Consultant adheres to NACA’s standards of customer services for all NACA customers and to office professionalism at all times including appropriate dress attire.
  8. Mortgage Consultant works within the required schedule with no or limited need for overtime unless required or approved.  



NACA is likely the only job in the mortgage industry that allows Mortgage Loan Originators to provide primarily low and moderate income borrowers with an incredible mortgage, and make considerable income without engaging in abusive lending practices. The compensation at NACA is based on the NACA Results Compensation Program - “NRCP."  This compensation is significantly different than other commission based plans.  The structure of the NRCP Program is results-driven with a base pay that provides Mortgage Consultants with a minimum cash flow with performance requirements.  The income comes primarily from the number and category of loans closed.  The results -based NRCP begins after the first four months of employment (“Development Period"), during which time there is additional base pay in order to allow for training of the Mortgage Consultant and development of a pipeline of Members in the process.  During the Development Period, the Mortgage Consultant would also be paid for results.  The Mortgage Consultant needs to review and accept the NRCP as a condition for employment as a NACA Mortgage Consultant.  The detailed and current NRCP, which NACA can change at its discretion, is available through the Human Resources Department and as part of the job application process.


The NRCP is very different from other commission-based plans used by for-profit mortgage brokers and lenders because:

  1. NACA offers one single product to its Members, which is the Best Mortgage in America, with no down payment, no closing costs, no fees, and a below-market fixed interest rate.  NACA provides this low fixed interest rate for all Members whether a prime or sub-prime borrower;
  2. Compensation is paid at a fixed amount, regardless of the loan amount or any other terms. Thus, Mortgage Consultants do not have to pit their own interests against those of the borrower since they do not have to increase the rate, charge points or fees to earn or increase their commission;
  3. The Mortgage Consultant is paid a base pay which provides minimum cash flow during periods when he/she does not close loans;
  4. NACA has large numbers of people interested and accessing the program. These participants are extremely good leads that could not be generated through traditional sources.  Thus Mortgage Consultants are not required to independently generate leads on a regular basis.  NACA develops leads through workshops and other means, and the interest in the NACA Mortgage and active participation already exists and is growing. 
  5. Mortgage Consultants counsel borrowers in the office and focus on getting them NACA Qualified;
  6. NACA Qualification is based on criteria that NACA has created to make homeownership a right for homebuyers adhering to NACA’s requirements and process.  This criteria is based on the Members overall circumstances and not based on credit scores;
  7. Mortgage Consultants have at their disposal NACA-Lynx which makes for a fast, efficient and paperless mortgage qualification, processing and underwriting process;
  8. For at-risk Homeowners through the Home Save Program, the Mortgage Consultant is paid for each complete file submitted to the servicer.
  9. A NACA Mortgage Consultant is expected to close five to ten per month and earn $65,000+ with the opportunity to make six figures.

Job Requirements


The following skills are necessary to be effective as a Mortgage Consultant.  NACA requires two years (if not more) of job experience or in other settings demonstrating competence in these skill areas.

  • Customer Service:  An effective Mortgage Consultant must have a highly developed sense of integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction, as well as strong interpersonal skills, to provide top-level customer focused services at all times.  He/she must also be able to understand, anticipate and address customer needs and handle customer concerns in a sensitive and professional manner.    
  • Organizational Skills: An effective Mortgage Consultant must be detail-oriented and well organized, as well as able to prioritize, schedule and handle a fast-paced, challenging workload.  He/she must also be able to work under pressure and keep multiple tasks moving toward completion including working with tickler lists and other electronic reporting and tracking mechanisms.
  • Counseling Skills:  An effective Mortgage Consultant must be able to help a Member determine his/her objectives, goals and needs – by gathering information from the Member, dealing calmly with the Member who may be emotional or in distress and assisting the Member in making reasoned decisions concerning the requirements for buying or saving his/her home.  The Mortgage Consultant must also have strong analytical skills including calculating income. 
  • Computer Skills:  Since the counseling process is a computer-based paperless process, an effective Mortgage Consultant must demonstrate strong computer skills, including data entry, document scanning and other related skills.  
  • Communication:  An effective Mortgage Consultant must be able to communicate effectively as a speaker and a listener, both verbally and in writing, with co-workers, Members and staff at other agencies/organizations – with the utmost sensitivity to confidentiality.  Since he/she works with private information, he/she must have a ‘need to know’ work ethic.  An effective Mortgage Consultant must also be an educator who appropriately persuades and influences, and who readily shares information or knowledge needed by others.  He/she must utilize communication technology appropriately and only for business purposes.
  • Professionalism: An effective Mortgage Consultant must adhere to direction as presented by management, adjust to changes on short notice, work diligently to achieve goals, take responsibility for own actions/work product, be amenable and perform all job duties as assigned, and be able to work flexible hours as dictated by work volume.  He/she must, at all times, treat others fairly, consistently, and with dignity – regardless of the difficulty of the situation – in a manner that displays clear professional boundaries.  An effective Mortgage Consultant must also demonstrate courtesy, consideration and appreciation for others (please and thank you) and always be ready to resolve conflicts constructively, directly and personally.  The Mortgage Consultant must further demonstrate dependability and the ability to work both independently and on a team – with an understanding of his/her own strengths and weaknesses as well as when to seek assistance.
  • Time Management:  An effective Mortgage Consultant must arrive at work on or before the scheduled hour, use his/her time effectively, not procrastinate, not avoid tasks and complete assigned duties within specified time limits and in an accurate manner. 
  • Team Focused: An effective Mortgage Consultant must demonstrate energy, enthusiasm and dedication to NACA’s mission of neighborhood stabilization and economic justice.  An effective Mortgage Consultant must also place the NACA team’s goals ahead of his/her own and be able to work cooperatively with others – by bringing new ideas and energy to the group and actively supporting team decisions once they are made.  He/she must be viewed by others as approachable. 
  • Positive Leadership: An effective Mortgage Consultant must lead and influence others by example –  taking pride in his/her job, remaining open to new ideas and demonstrating a “can do" attitude particularly when challenged by obstacles. He/she must perform duties in a manner that results in meaningful and positive outcomes by being flexible, soliciting feedback from his/her colleagues, offering constructive criticism and implementing plans for self-improvement.  An effective Mortgage Consultant helps create a positive work environment while remaining alert to potential risks, concern and violations. S/he will take action to report these immediately to the Office Manager or national management with the understanding that they affect the organization which requires such reporting and cannot be considered as “throwing someone under the bus".  He/she must further conduct him/herself in a highly ethical manner – strictly adhering to established internal guidelines, regulations and standards of conduct – and in a manner that will lead others to see him/her as someone who always “does the right thing."
  • Advocacy:  An effective Mortgage Consultant must support and enthusiastically engage in NACA’s advocacy.  This includes community issues, actions and campaigns that NACA is engaged in.  The Mortgage Consultant must also support and defend the organization’s philosophy, tactics and impact with those critical of or opposed to NACA.     




  1. B.A. or B.S. – Preferred
  2. High School Graduate or Equivalency – Required
  3. Mortgage and/or real estate courses – Highly Preferred


A Mortgage Consultant must have at least two years demonstrating some or all of the following experience.  

  1. Mortgage brokerage, origination and/or processing
  2. Counseling or social work, such as school guidance
  3. Other Experience:
    1. Education, such as teaching
    2. Call center work
    3. Loss mitigation
    4. Real estate brokerage experience and/or knowledge
    5. Financial counseling or advisory role


While a Mortgage Consultant must be a licensed MLO to fulfill the responsibilities for the Purchase Program, NACA will still hire candidates that meet the job requirements but who are not currently licensed.  For such candidates, NACA can make a conditional offer with the candidate’s employment commencing once s/he completes the MLO pre-licensing education requirements and passes the licensing exam(s) within a specified time-frame. NACA will provide assistance during the conditional period to facilitate the education and exam process. NACA will also pay the costs of obtaining and maintaining a license so long as he/she complies with all applicable licensing deadlines and requirements.


Ability to speak and write in Spanish and other languages a plus.

Job Snapshot

Post Date 7/10/2014
Location Saint Louis, MO
Employment Type Full-Time
Job Type Banking, Finance, Nonprofit - Social Services
Education High School
Experience Not Specified
Manages Others No
Relocation No
Industry Accounting - Finance, Banking - Financial Services, Mortgage
Required Travel Negligible
Job ID Saint Louis, MO-MC
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