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MasTec Advanced Technologies

Telecommunications, Construction, Security
5,000 - 10,000 employees  |  
MasTec Advanced Technologies, North America’s largest DirecTV Home Service Provider, is a growth oriented satellite installation & servicing company. In 1929, two unemployed carpenters – Russell Burnup and Riley Sims – envisioned creating a construction company that would serve the growing telecommunications and civil construction market in Florida and, eventually, the Southeast. With a handshake and their mutual trust, they formed their firm. They called it Burnup & Sims, letting their names and reputations represent the company. From those humble beginnings in the depths of the Great Depression, Burnup & Sims grew into a construction powerhouse. The company built telephone networks throughout the nation, as well as in the Middle East and the Pacific Islands, laid the first underwater telephone cable from Florida to Puerto Rico, and built nearly one-fourth of the country’s cable television systems. In 1969, Church & Tower, an underground utility construction firm, recruited Cuban immigrant Jorge Mas Canosa to bring discipline, focus and leadership to the company. Hardworking and driven by the fundamental belief that a person could succeed by capitalizing on opportunities, Mas Canosa foresaw Church & Tower’s place in South Florida’s impending economic growth as filling a need for reliable telecommunications infrastructure. Mas Canosa forged a relationship with a regional telephone company by demonstrating Church & Tower’s cost-effective and expedient construction techniques. The telephone company awarded Church & Tower a long-term contract to install and repair underground phone lines throughout greater Miami and Fort Lauderdale. In 1971, Mas Canosa bought Church & Tower. Jorge Mas Canosa had a strong sense of family and encouraged his three sons’ involvement in Church & Tower. Under Mas Canosa’s tutelage, his sons learned the business so well that he turned the company over to his eldest son, Jorge Mas, with his two other sons also holding vital roles in the business. With this new, younger leadership, Church & Tower achieved unprecedented growth. Customers embraced the firm’s innovative methods and began looking to them for service and guidance beyond the company’s traditional geographic reach. Church & Tower’s leadership realized that to serve national telecommunications giants that would emerge from the industry’s deregulation, the company needed to grow. The Mas family saw South Florida-based Burnup & Sims as a major player in many markets, but also as a company struggling to define its culture and vision for the future. Under Jorge Mas’ guidance, the two companies became one. On March 11, 1994, publicly traded Burnup & Sims acquired Church & Tower. Jorge Mas became the company’s president and his father chairman, and the name was changed to MasTec. Over the next decade, MasTec acquired companies that fit with its core expertise – underground and aerial infrastructure development. By folding companies under the MasTec name and hiring personnel with specialized expertise, MasTec broadened its capabilities and geographic reach to serve the utility companies and communications businesses, and the federal government with underground and aerial construction, design and engineering, and equipment installation services.

MasTec's greatest asset is our people. MasTec employees reflect the professionalism, experience and commitment to quality service that defines our culture. We have a proud, 70-year history of working in a variety of environments and have adapted to evolving technologies to meet our customers' critical design and construction specifications and successfully complete jobs on time and on budget. More than a construction company, we specialize in providing skilled, high-demand services that ensure our customers' fiber optic networks, electric utility systems, home satellite services, natural gas pipelines, water and sewer systems and other critical infrastructure operate the first time, all the time. We hire and retain professional managers, supervisors, foremen, equipment operators and workers who are motivated to work hard, work smart, and as part of a team. With more than 220 offices in nearly every state in the nation and part of Canada, MasTec employees have the opportunity to work in a variety of locations to serve the out-sourcing needs of North America's largest telecommunications and utility companies, as well as municipal the federal governments. We train our employees to provide them with skills and knowledge to work safely and meet our customers' rigorous construction, installation and maintenance standards. We offer clear pathways for advancement in our growing company. MasTec encourages and trains motivated and talented individuals to accept increased levels of responsibility in order to rise within the organization. We are a growing company. With thousands of miles of power systems to be upgraded and built; tens of thousands of miles of water and sewer systems that need rebuilding; and hundreds of thousands of homes to be connected with fiber optic cable, MasTec's growth offers opportunities for qualified and motivated individuals.
MasTec recognizes the needs of today's workforce. We offer competitive compensation for professional, skilled and hourly employees. Qualified MasTec employees are covered by a variety of health insurance plans nationwide. MasTec also provides a 401(k) retirement savings program with a company match, and an company stock purchase plan. We also provide insurance programs for dental, health, vision care, short- and long-term disability, basic life, AD&D, and supplemental life and AD&D.
Our Philosophy
MasTec, one of the largest communications and utility infrastructure builders in the United States and Canada, has a philosophy as direct as the dirt that our employees turn and as straight as the poles they climb: Work quickly, safely and with precision.

We work quickly because we understand the job, and determine the best way to execute it by drawing on our experience and training. We work safely by drawing on experience, training and awareness of any job’s existing and potential hazards to prevent accidents and to work carefully and deliberately. We work precisely by doing jobs right the first time. All of this results from having the technical expertise to design or understand plans, evaluated projects and know what people and equipment are needed to complete the task.

MasTec employees understand the fundamental building blocks of infrastructure building. Over the course of our 70-plus year history, we have perfected a four-pronged, end-to-end approach to infrastructure projects – design, build, install and maintain. Thus, whether designing as-built drawings on a computer on a military base, using bare hands to connect live transmission lines in North Carolina, digging beneath Miami streets to install water lines, welding natural gas transmission pipes in Texas, installing satellite dishes in Atlanta, or setting telephone boxes in destroyed New Orleans neighborhoods, MasTec employees are focused on their mission. We are a team – working hard, working smart and being dedicated to satisfying our customers.

Since 1929, we have helped thousands of customers, affected the lives of tens of thousands of employees, and helped transform the lives of millions of people. We have built transmission and distribution lines and substations that turned lights on in homes and turn motors in factories. We built the first cable television systems that brought dozens of entertainment and news choices to communities. We plowed in copper and fiber optic cable across America’s heartland, connecting rural communities to distant cities. We spliced together fiber optic networks that connected the Internet to homes and businesses. Our employees have buried and installed the infrastructure that drives our nation’s economy and creates future opportunities. We have been successful because we worked quickly, worked safely and performed projects at the highest quality standards.

Traded on the New York Stock Exchange with nearly $1 billion in annual sales, MasTec will be designing, building, installing and maintaining infrastructure for our customers for decades to come. We are a company built on the premise that a changing technological and economic environment will present new opportunities. We have chosen to adapt to change. MasTec is dedicated to identifying, evaluating and developing new opportunities that fit our infrastructure business, and will enable us to continue growing and building value.

800 S. Douglas Road, 12th Floor
Coral Gables, FL 33134
305-795-8134 Fax