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The Wesley Community

The Wesley Community is a mission-guided, not-for-profit organization sponsored by United Methodist Health and Housing. For over 35 years we have provided services and programs with a commitment to caring, compassion and excellence. We began as an innovative combination of independent housing for older adults and skilled nursing care on a single site and have grown to today’s multiplex of supportive services that enhance hundreds of lives daily.

Wesley’s housing for seniors includes the independent apartments at Woodlawn Commons and Embury Apartments. The Assistive Living program at Woodlawn Commons provides a more supportive environment.

In addition to short-term in-patient rehabilitation, Wesley Health Care Center provides long-term care, and houses outpatient rehabilitation services and Wesley Evergreen Adult Day Services.

Within our community, residents and clients have access to a wide array of conveniences including hair salons, shops, and a restaurant. Pet therapy, our intergenerational nursery school program and activities to meet the physical, social and spiritual needs of the residents are a few of the programs that enhance the quality of life of Wesley’s residents and clients.
What Makes Wesley Different
A letter to you from the Wesley staff…

Of course you want to know what makes Wesley different from other organizations that offer health care services and elder housing. We know that while location and buildings and programming are important, what you really want is to make sure that the people tending to the needs of your loved ones are caring, competent and committed to it.

We who staff Wesley are proud of our reputation for excellence, innovation, and a personal approach to care. We understand that a family’s peace of mind is strongly linked to their loved one’s comfort and safety. We take that very seriously.

We believe in our residents as individuals. We encourage and support them in their efforts to become and remain pain free, mobile, independent, or whatever else is important to them. We honor and defend their dignity. We treat them respectfully, whatever their age or condition or ability to respond.

We listen to their stories, laugh and cry with them, and treat them with compassion, warmth, and thoughtfulness. We know who they are and call them by their names.

To us, it’s more than a job..
What People Are Saying
“My Mom used many of your various services over the years. How fortunate we all are in this area to have Wesley available to provide such excellent care for our loved ones – and in so doing, provide real peace of mind to all our families.”

“My daughter was a resident at Wesley [Health Care Center] for about 20 years. This letter is to thank all the staff for the excellent care, warmth, and compassion which surrounded her all her years at Wesley.”

“I appreciate the care that the Woodlawn staff has given my wife. They have been conscientious and caring and in addition are friendly, upbeat, and comforting. At times they seem to me to have gone beyond the call of duty.”

“I’m writing to say thank you to you and your staff for the wonderful services provided to my mother while she was a resident at Embury. The facility is unique and our family is grateful that she got to enjoy the last years of her life in such a special place.”

“My son has been treated with respect, understanding, and extremely competent treatment has been provided by talented therapists in all phases of his recovery. … He believes he will get better and we, his family, know he will progress as far as possible thanks to the dedicated staff at Wesley Outpatient Therapies.”

“[Evergreen] has allowed my father the opportunity to live at home with my family and allow my husband and me to continue working. It gives him the chance to socialize and a reason to get up in the morning.”
The Wesley Community:
(518) 587-3600
131 Lawrence Street
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
United States of America
Phone: (518) 587-3600
Fax: (518) 587-1773