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Keller Williams Realty

Sales - Marketing, Homebuilding, Real Estate - Property Mgt
HQ: Austin, TX   |  
Keller Williams Realty Inc. is the largest real estate franchise company in the United States, with approximately 700 offices and 80,000 associates around the world. The company has grown exponentially since the opening of the first Keller Williams Realty office in 1983, and continues to cultivate an agent-centric, education-based, technology-driven culture that rewards associates as stakeholders. The company also provides specialized agents in luxury homes and commercial real estate properties.

Keller Williams Realty was founded by Gary Keller and Joe Williams with the mission to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living® for its associates.
Career Opportunities
More so than ever before, real estate professionals are turning to Keller Williams Realty for the education, coaching, technology, culture and wealth building opportunities that are redefining their potential and powering their careers toward new heights. Learn what it means to join forces with North America's most agent-centric real estate company. Created as a grand experiment, based on Gary Keller’s conviction that if the company focused its resources on building its agents, the agents in turn would build the company beyond all expectations, Keller Williams Realty has reshaped the North American real estate industry landscape. Today, Keller Williams Realty stands as the largest real estate franchise company in the United States.
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Keller Williams Realty International

1221 South Mopac Expressway, Suite 400
Austin, TX 78746