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WCI - Work, Community, Independence

Social Services, Healthcare - Health Services, Not for Profit - Charitable
250 - 500 employees  |  
WCI - Work, Community, Independence is a private non-profit agency
providing homes and employment/day supports to people with a wide range
of intellectual and developmental disabilities. WCI's goal for more than
three decades has been to foster the greatest possible degree of
independence and competence for individuals with developmental
disabilities.  WCI encourages the Individuals we support to live and
work as a part of the community and achieve their optimal lifestyle. WCI
provides flexible residential and employment/day options as each
person's needs are different.
WCI was founded in Waltham, Massachusetts in 1974 as the Waltham Committee for Community Residences, Inc. with a mission to provide care and services for people with developmental disabilities. WCI’s first administrative office was on the third floor of the Christ Episcopal Church on Main Street in Waltham. Its first community home, with eight Individuals, was in a large Victorian home in Waltham. Those Individuals now live in their own apartments with much less support.

In 1980, WCI changed its name to Waltham Committee, Inc. In 1986, WCI officially opened its first home for individuals with sensory disabilities (Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, Deaf/Blind) and, in 1988, formed its Deaf Supports Division, hiring its first Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing staff.

In 1990, WCI purchased two properties in Waltham, specifically for people who were Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf Blind.

By 1992, WCI formed its Employment/Day Division, and initiated an immersion worksite with Deaf individuals and staff in 1994. Later that year, WCI also opened the Absolute Necessities Gift Shop on Lexington Street in Waltham.

The next year, the WCI Board of Directors placed individuals with disabilities on its Board, and WCI began its WCI Self-Advocacy Group.

A founding member of the Resource Consortium with 11 other agencies, WCI has advocated for decades to place people living with disabilities in community homes. The Rolland Nursing Home suit addressed WCI’s concern as it aimed to reverse the decision that placed individuals from state facilities into nursing homes rather than community homes. The lawsuit was finally settled in 2000 in favor of WCI’s perspectives.

In 2000, WCI changed its name to WCI – Work, Community Independence.
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