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People 2.0 - Premier

Employment - Recruiting - Staffing
HQ: Rochester, NY   |   < 100 employees  |  
The Premier Partners is a professional services firm that works with organizations delivering Workforce Solutions designed for each client's specific needs and requirements.
Opportunity Seekers - If you had to characterize our firm and what we do, perhaps Opportunity Seekers is appropriate. As a professional services firm, we seek to identify workforce opportunities for our client-partners.

Leveraging and exploiting the strengths of your organization, we deliver an objective and comprehensive analysis of your workforce processes and give an unbiased view of strengths, weaknesses and opportunity areas.

Embedded in our process is a review of key financial metrics in order to provide a return on investment calculation and summary of real-dollar savings.

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The Premier Partners
1100 University Avenue
Suite 310
Rochester, New York 14607