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Examinetics, Inc. is the largest provider of onsite occupational health screening and data management services in the United States. We employ over 285 personnel, including in-house audiologists and other occupational health specialists and our fleet of more than 105 mobile units has national reach. Last year alone, over 2,800 clients asked us to provide screening services at over 12,000 sites across the United States. And, because we come to you, we greatly reduce the disruption and costs normally associated with OSHA and other corporate compliance obligations. Our data management expertise is combined with our ability to benchmark across internal client sites and against external industry sectors. And our internet-enabled XM Network system for occupational health data management can help unlock the knowledge often hidden within your data and provide you with what we call, “Insight Onsite”. We are dedicated to providing a high quality service that makes your life easy. That's why we have introduced Professional Resources, including our easy-to-read one-page Pathfinder documents that help you to explore and navigate topical subject areas in Occupational Health. And it’s also why we’ve developed Occhealth Search - a unique web search tool designed to meet the information needs of busy Occupational Health professionals.

Our Mission
Our mission is to promote occupational health programs as a positive resource for improving health and productivity. Whether your company has single or multiple sites, Examinetics, Inc. offers a full spectrum of Onsite services from audiometric hearing tests, respiratory fit testing to full physical examinations, all designed to minimize the burden of regulation.

A key part of our service relates to data management and reporting, including bench-marking across internal sites or within an industrial sector - all designed to deliver Insight. At the heart of this service is the XM Network, an easy-to-use, secure online data management system. XM Network has a wealth of options geared towards making it easier for you to import, manage, interpret and report occupational health data.
Professional Resources
As part of its ongoing commitment to excellence in Occupational Health, Examinetics, Inc. has launched a number of free-to-use professional resources. Whether you are an occupational health professional, have a general interest in occupational health issues or are a busy business owner looking after the health and wellbeing of your employees we believe that you will find them of help.

The flagship service among these new professional resources is Occhealth Search; this powerful facility places, at your disposal, results from pre-run web searches around critical topics undertaken by our researchers. And it allows you to configure those results onto your own clipboard to which you can add notes and then email it to yourself or a colleague.
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