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RBS Citizens Financial Group, Inc

Banking - Financial Services
At RBS Citizens Financial Group, we foster an engaged workforce where colleagues of all levels, cultures, and backgrounds interact freely and experience personal and professional growth. We are committed to the prosperity of our Customers, Communities, and our Colleagues. And, we believe that when our colleagues and customers succeed, we all succeed. That's why creating a Good Workplace is not just Good Banking, it's Good Business.
Working for a good bank should be good for your life, too. So we work hard to ensure it is. Whether your personal goals include going to college, having a baby, or sending your kids to college, we’re here to support you.

We also believe your work life should take some of the work out of life – making your life easier so you can be more effective on the job and off. So we provide programs that help to keep you close to your family so you don't miss the first steps, the recital, or the ball game. We try to make sure you have time to do the things that are important to you. In short, we believe your work success should support your life success.