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What they chose to do was tackle one of the biggest, most important challenges our country – and the world – faces. They understood that utilities in this country have scarcely changed in a century and something needed to be done about our air pollution and energy problems.

Solar seemed like the answer, but it was too costly and complex for most homeowners. So what did they do? They launched Sunrun and took both the cost and complexity hurdles out of the equation. Over the years as we’ve gained experience, we’ve grown to be (we believe) the best – by providing planet-changing home solar in a simple, inexpensive, low risk way.


We believe in believing.

It’s not every day the average person has a chance to cure cancer or solve poverty around the globe

But there is one world-changing difference every one of us can all make right now. Want to wager a guess on what it is?

That’s what gets us out of bed every morning. It’s our life-changing belief that what we’re doing will make an impact on the planet in ways you’d need a 10-part public television mini-series to explain. And we sincerely hope you’ll join us. Journeys are always better with someone riding shotgun.


Each day when we walk through the door, we’re doing the single most important thing we could be doing – transforming one of society’s most basic resources: energy. Doesn’t hurt that we’re stopping climate change, kickstarting the economy and having a lot of fun!

Sunrun needs engineers, marketers, salespeople and all around superstars. Are you:

Ready to solve one of the planet's greatest challenges?

Excited to work for more than just a paycheck?

Motivated to help build a new, cutting-edge business?

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