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The Me-Ality™ scanner is offering a revolutionary new technology which enables consumers to find their best fit, with its free, fully-clothed, 10-second body scan. To learn more please visit The Me-Ality™ body scanning booth sends and receives safe, low-power radio waves and records 200,000 data points by bouncing these signals off the skin. Me-Ality™ then compares body measurements to garment sizing specifications. In just 10 minutes, the free Me-Ality™ scan identifies the fit, style, design and cut that best match an individual’s measurements. It produces a personalized shopping guide of denim and pants, providing the best sizes to buy and where to purchase the items at the mall. To view a video of how the technology works, please go to
How the Scan Works

The "vertical wand" in the Me-Ality Size Matching Station contains 196 small antennas that send and receive low power radio signals. Our radio signals are similar to, but 1000 times weaker than, a typical cell phone emits. In the 10 to 15 seconds it takes for the wand to rotate around a fully clothed individual the signals reflect off the water in their skin. When the wand's rotation is complete, Me-Ality has recorded over 200,000 points of reference from which precise measurements are extracted.