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IT Network

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IT Network was established in 1997 and is headquartered in Redmond, WA. Our goal is to provide expertise and personnel that meet and exceed the demands and challenges of this ever-evolving information technology marketplace. IT Network’s mission is to help our clients locate and manage their technical workforce, but not just by providing talent. We also seek to act as a strategic and trusted partner.

Our company attributes its success to our recruiters’ technical knowledge, quality of work, people skills, and significant staffing experience as well as the hard-working contractors who make our business possible. We have a diverse client base in a variety of industries, from heavy industrial facilities to software development and medical equipment.

Technical recruiting talent is a valuable resource. IT Network’s recruiters understand that generic searches yield generic results. We consistently connect the client with the human resources they need because our team has the depth, the experience, and the training to attract the best and brightest talent available. Getting the right person for your project is critical. We have the tools to get you the talent you’re looking for.


Promptness: Our recruiters work directly with the hiring managers. We have built our reputation as providers of well screened, reliable, and talented candidates. Our service helps fast track the hiring process.

Credibility: Each candidate is screened prior to submitting to a client company. This takes the guess work out of the hiring decision.

Job Coaching: When you look for a new job, presenting professionally is critical. Your recruiter will help coach you through the interview process. This includes having your resume up to date with a clear job history, and employment references. Making a good impression matters.

Career Opportunities

IT Network's recruiters are some of the best in the industry. Our strategy with our recruiters is to provide them with the tools, contacts, and direction they need while allowing enough flexibility to be independent. Variety and independence are probably the two biggest benefits of going to work for a small to mid-sized staffing shop.

Unlike some larger firms, our firm doesn't pidgeonhole recruiters into recruiting for for the same positions over and over again. In our fourteen years of experience in the recruiting game, we've found that variety is better than repitition and reduces turn-around.

Our recruiters, along with our contractors, are the foundation of our business. We want to keep them happy.

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IT Network
15335 NE 106th Court
Redmond, WA 98052