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Employer Quick Look

TRG Customer Solutions


Solutions for Global Business Needs

Accelerate revenue growth, improve operational effectiveness, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce costs with TRG Customer Solutions.

We create customer-centric programs that transform the way your customers think about your brand and act towards your products or services. We offer onshore, offshore, near-shore, and blended delivery options from our contact centers on five continents, and world class employees with customer-centric coaching and skills. All of our processes are designed to help you maximize value and decrease costs without sacrificing quality.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, TRG Customer Solutions employs nearly 5,000 employees worldwide.


At TRG Customer Solutions our focus on providing exceptional customer experiences is grounded in the belief – and reality – that for companies to prosper in the marketplace, every interaction – from voice-based technical support to online help services – must stand out. This proposition begins and ends with high-quality and cost-effective service delivery. Transform the touch-point with your customers – your front-office contact center – so that you can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while balancing cost, revenue and quality. Integrate people and technology and optimize workflow so that your business processes remain lean and agile. We manage complex, end-to-end customer sales and service interactions using a global delivery platform and leading-edge technologies. Our full-spectrum contact center services are designed to maximize your revenue opportunities and minimize your cost structure while providing a total customer lifecycle management solution.

Our Vision

Capitalizing on Our Core Strengths

At TRG Customer Solutions our singular focus is on providing exceptional customer experiences every single day. Our outstanding employees manage worldwide customer relationships on behalf of our business partners and deliver these customer experiences with a combination of passion, world class training and leading-edge technology. We stand by core organizational values that have helped us deliver our value proposition to global companies for over two decades.

At TRG Customer Solutions our mission is to build the industry’s most dynamic team of customer service and marketing associates and deliver cost-effective and high-impact customer management strategies to the world’s leading organizations.

We believe that we will successfully execute our mission by capitalizing on our core strengths and adhering to key organizational initiatives:

Reward Outstanding People

We recognize that our people drive our business results and we work proactively to attract and manage the best talent in the industry. Our associates come from diverse backgrounds and possess cross-functional skill-sets. We believe that by identifying leaders and developing human potential within our associates, we will successfully drive our business forward.

Anticipate Customer Needs

We are committed to delivering high-quality business services and solutions to our clients and believe that developing domain expertise in specialized areas is the key to fulfilling this business objective. We invest our resources strategically in areas where we possess core competencies and build our operating capacity to support our core areas of expertise.

Honor All Commitments

We value every client and every project – big or small. Each unique business proposition represents an opportunity for us to expand our business and deliver on our mission objective. We take exceptional steps to adhere to service commitments and extend ourselves to address extraordinary challenges in order to keep our commitments.

Use Technology to Lead Business Transformation

We have a relentless focus on using technology to optimize our business results and transform our clients’ businesses. We employ technology best practices to maintain global redundancy and business continuity for fail-safe and seamless delivery. We also develop proprietary contact center technology that is designed to offer creative solutions to traditional business problems.

Remain Agile and Continuously Improve

In a fast-paced and dynamic business environment, we recognize the need to become better, faster, more flexible and more responsive. We implement operational best practices to ensure that all functions within the organization are proactively monitored and improved on an ongoing basis. Our visionary leadership and world-class employees ensure that a culture of continuous business evolution prospers at the organization.

Promote Corporate Responsibility

We recognize that running a global business for global clients affects consumers, employees, communities and other important public and private sector stakeholders around the world. We strive to adhere to local laws, environmental considerations, ethical standards and international norms whenever we expand our corporate presence.

Industry Solutions

Diverse Solutions for Diverse Industries

Whatever the industry or line of business you are in, we recognize that you share common business goals: to lower costs and enhance customer relationships. After working with hundreds of companies across multiple verticals we at TRG Customer Solutions have attained valuable insight into the various channels and touch points that our partners rely on to maximize their customer relationships.

However one size doesn’t fit all and we have developed domain expertise within each of the verticals we serve so that every solution is personalized and importantly, impactful. It’s this versatility that has helped our partners become market leaders.