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Employer Quick Look

N2 Publishing


When a woman gets married, this old saying guides the bride as she begins her new phase of life. This old tradition sums up the founding of N2 Publishing. By borrowing an idea that already existed, the neighborhood newsletter, we took something old and decided to put a new, exciting spin on it.

Created in 2004 in Wilmington, NC, the founding principals of N2 Publishing wanted to build something great. The idea was simple: partner with the residents of the very best neighborhoods in America to produce their monthly magazine. This may sound old and boring, but read on.

Our growth has exploded as people have become aware of what we are doing. While most advertising companies were struggling in 2008, N2 Publishing had record sales. Why? Because our readers love our product.

We work with individual homeowner's associations or city councils and feature the good stuff. We highlight the family that just moved in; we have photos of the kids dressed up for Halloween; we sponsor social events for the neighborhood through block parties and wine tastings. The content is reader-submitted, so it's what the residents want to see. Residents hold on to these magazines and read them from cover to cover. That means our advertisers can get their message across to the right type of client.

Businesses today can't afford to just advertise everywhere. They need advertising that targets their best clients. We work with the best clients, and unlike direct mail campaigns or newspaper ads that are rarely seen, our publications have shelf life. Our niche publications are the future of magazines.

We've borrowed an old idea and put a new twist on it. Best of all, we love what we do. We publish the good stuff.

Career Opportunities

At N2, our Area Directors are delivering solutions to communities. First for the homeowner, then for local and national businesses, and finally, for themselves. They have the knowledge from the leader in the industry behind them and the best product on the market.

If you are ready to run your own business and be your own boss, then our Area Director opportunity cannot be beat. If you are looking for some part time work, we have many positions that may be available in your area.


Members of exclusive communities want a quality product that they can be proud of. N2 exceeds their expectations by providing a professional solution for their communication needs.

By providing a well-designed publication full of stories and photos, we have seen N2 neighborhoods increase attendance at social events, create members that are better informed of rules and regulations, and allow residents to widen their circle of friends. Our publications actually help residents get to know each other and find other members of the community with similar interests and/or backgrounds.