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Sales - Marketing

PeopleAxiom empowers organizations to increase sales by attracting and developing high performance sales teams.

Effective salespeople are hard to find and make-up a small percentage of the population. Just 4% of salespeople sell 94% of all the goods and services according to two meta studies by Harvard University and Gallup. We attract sales talent that most businesses simply can’t find on their own.

Next, we implement a system to develop sales teams that gives top performers the best possible chance to succeed and allows business leaders to get the most out of their investment in salespeople. The system includes:

  • Training program for new hire preparation and ongoing development.
  • Coaching that incorporates call support and team selling for the learning that takes place in the field.
  • Strategic account reviews to close deals.
  • Sales management program for accountability.

Marketing lead generation is the final component. Designed to increase the speed of prospecting and closing new business, our lead generation program leverages a company’s investment in salespeople by ensuring that more of their time is spent with warm, qualified leads.

If you are a high performance salesperson ready to consider your next career move with a PeopleAxiom client
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