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U.S. Bank

Banking - Financial Services
2,500 - 5,000 employees  |  
U.S. Bancorp is a diversified financial services company with headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We offer a comprehensive range of financial products and services to meet the needs of individuals, businesses, institutions and government entities.

Through U.S. Bank, Firstar Bank and other subsidiaries, we:
- Serve 10 million customers with full service branch offices in 24 states and specialized services offices across the country, plus we serve a million internet banking customers.
- Provide anytime, anywhere access to high-quality products and services for individuals and small businesses through more than 2,186 banking and retail brokerage locations, 4,937 ATMs, 24-hour telephone banking and Internet banking and brokerage.
- Provide relationship-driven, customized solutions for larger businesses and affluent clients with more complex needs through regional business banking offices and U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray offices.
- Offer industry leadership covering a broad financial spectrum, including investments, asset management, securities brokerage*, corporate trust services, and electronic payment systems.
- Support the local communities where we do business through loan assistance, in-kind donations, sponsorships of nonprofit organizations, volunteerism and other community activities.
- Offer an online Affiliate Program-businesses can signup and earn money.

With $165 billion in assets, U.S. Bancorp is among the top-performing bank holding companies in the nation. On this site, you will find detailed information about our financial performance, career opportunities, and current news releases.
Our continued success as a company has shown us a plain and simple truth: financial results and earnings per share depend not just on measurable results, but on our day-to-day attitudes and behaviors towards our team and each other. We know how often these behaviors and attitudes have the power to support or detract from the way people perceive our organization, or influence a company to do business with us. That is why we put such stock in these three guiding principles: Respect, Recognition and Rewards. ...and why at U.S. Bancorp you will always know what is expected of you, your team and your managers. We Embrace Change Today's changing regulatory, technological and demographic forces are rapidly reshaping the financial services industry, and we have prospered in great part by embracing change. We believe that our success in the New Economy is due to our willingness to adjust quickly, reinvent ourselves, and take advantage of new opportunities. Embracing change is also evident in the value we place on the individual differences our people bring - differences that are contributing to a greater mutual understanding and sense of responsiveness towards customers. We Take Ownership Each of us at U.S. Bancorp takes responsibility for providing outstanding service to our customers, understanding our individual jobs, and performing our jobs at the highest level. In the end, it's our individual personal commitment that helps deliver real results to our customers, company, shareholders and community. We Believe in Choice We're also great believers in choice at U.S. Bancorp. The day you begin to work for us is the day we invest in you. We believe it's important to give you a choice in your benefits as part of your total compensation package. We also expect you to become an educated consumer of benefits to put you in the best position to decide which benefits truly meet your individual needs. What Employees Can Expect From U.S. Bancorp - Recognition and reward for measurable results - Treatment with dignity and respect - Appreciation for your skills and abilities - Challenging work and opportunities - Access to the information and resources needed to excel in your work What U.S. Bancorp Expects From Employees - Focus on customer service, quality products and services, and earnings growth - Preservation of the trust we have earned from our customers by joining in a pledge to protect our customers' privacy - To be part of a team and through joint effort, contribute to our company's success - Flexibility and a willingness to accept change - Responsibility for your own career development, seeking out training, education and opportunities that present themselves - Understanding of company policies and benefit programs (and ask us questions if you don't) Clearly, the people who fit our culture best are those who have a desire to succeed, and who take pride in what they do and the way they do it. Our Compensation Philosophy Total Compensation At U.S. Bancorp, we believe in total compensation for a highly qualified workforce - base pay, variable pay, and a variety of benefits and programs. Pay for Performance Total compensation includes providing programs that reward employees for achieving or exceeding our business objectives, with special attention given to exceptional performers. We give managers the latitude to pay above-the-market in total compensation to outstanding contributors who will be instrumental in keeping us at the top of our industry. Health and Welfare Benefits Health and welfare benefits are part of the overall package of resources that the company allocates to employees to live healthier lives, protect their families, build rewarding careers, and help them save for the future. We also offer choice, whenever possible, because people have such different needs. To eligible employees, we offer: - Health care - Dental care - Health care and dependent care reimbursement accounts - Life insurance - Disability insurance - Business travel accident insurance Retirement and Investment Benefits Our savings and retirement program offers features such as choice and portability, to give employees the tools they need to build their own financial solutions. Through the following programs, both U.S. Bancorp and its employees share responsibility for retirement planning: - 401(k) plan - Pension plan - Banking products Work and Life Programs Balancing the needs of work and life outside of work can affect both our personal and our professional lives. U.S. Bancorp provides some of the tools and support employees need to achieve a healthy balance between work and home: - Adoption Assistance Program - Employee Assistance Program - Occasional illness days (up to six per calendar year) - Paid holidays (generally, 10 per calendar year) - Paid vacation (based on years of service and job grade) Development Opportunities When it comes to encouraging personal growth, U.S. Bancorp gives its employees a variety of resources to plan and manage their careers. We foster a learning environment through a variety of means, one of which is our Development Network that promotes the personal and professional development of employees. Employees may also be eligible for tuition reimbursement and on-the-job and outside training.
For Careers With Interest - Compounded Annually

As a performance-driven company, U.S. Bancorp hires people who can excel in the rapidly evolving financial services marketplace. We look for individuals who are excited by change and who embrace the challenge of continuous learning. We offer career options in areas such as sales, product development, marketing, financial analysis, management information systems, customer service and corporate administration. We invite you to learn more about U.S. Bancorp, to explore our job opportunities and find out how to apply.

Customer Driven

Our commitment to satisfying customers and creating shareholder value directs every decision we make. Through U.S. Bank, Firstar Bank, U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray and our other subsidiaries, we offer our customers - businesses, institutions, governments and individuals - outstanding service in all lines of business and across all delivery channels.

Valued Employees

U.S. Bancorp has become a financial services industry leader by not only providing excellent solutions to clients, but also providing an outstanding working environment for employees.

U.S. Bancorp provides a culturally diverse workplace where all employees are valued for the strengths they bring to the workforce.
We provide a comprehensive total compensation and benefits package to attract a superior caliber of employee.
We continually recognize the outstanding performance of our employees, by providing increased opportunity, responsibility and financial reward.
225 South 6th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55402