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DeTar Healthcare System (Navarro & North)

HQ: Victoria, TX   |  

For over seven decades, DeTar Healthcare System has been Victoria's leader in the constantly progressing world of healthcare. The fully accredited hospital provides inpatient, outpatient and emergency services for the nine-county Victoria region. Rich in history, DeTar continues today to focus on providing excellent care, such as our new Heart Program at DeTar. Today, DeTar Healthcare System provides healthcare services for over 22,500 people a month! As part of DeTar's community partnership, we offer community education, including Newscenter 25' s DeTar Doppler and our monthly Red Hot Mamas program. DeTar Healthcare System is proud of our prominent past and we look forward to continuing to serve you and your family in our promising future. To read more about DeTar's commitment, please review our 2006 Community Report by clicking here. 

Contact Us

DeTar Healthcare System
DeTar Navarro - 506 E. San Antonio St., 575-7441
DeTar North - 101 Medical Drive, 573-6100
Victoria, TX 77901
Telephone: 575-7441 or 573-6100