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HTSS, Inc.

HQ: Allentown, PA   |  
HTSS, Inc. Howells Staffing is a locally owned, independent staffing service located in Allentown, PA, which has been successfully meeting the employment, staffing, and recruitment needs of our client companies and employees since 1993. Whether you're looking to "jumpstart" your new career or to find a part-time employee to answer your phones - We're the company for you!

We are dedicated to both our employees and our customers, and we work hard to get superior results. Our commitment to excellence in Quality, Reliability, and Service has led to the success of our employees and the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Reliable and productive employees
  • Save time and money on recruiting, screening, and training qualified candidates
  • Pay only one competitve rate that includes labor, worker's compensation, and all taxes
  • Reduce time spent on personnel administration HTSS takes care of all taxes
  • government forms, and reporting Meet deadlines without overtime costs
  • Vision
    HTSS, Inc. embraces quality as an essential element in both the services that we provide, as well as in the people that we select for employment. We create the highest standard of quality and challenge each of our applicants to match this level of excellence. Our perspective is one of superior service and shall provide the groundwork for an accomplished and promising future. HTSS, Inc. seeks to generate a positive influence throughout the community, and is entirely committed to providing exceptional employment opportunities to the most qualified individuals. We are dedicated to helping employers and employees find "the right fit".

    In these days of low unemployment, finding good people is a very time-consuming process. HTSS, Inc. Howells Staffing brings together potential employers and job seekers. We locate a number of qualified candidates for your company and send you their resumes. You review the resumes, interview the candidates of your choice, and make your hiring decision.


    Our Executive Placement Division will fulfill your recruiting needs for top-level executives. We have a large database of executives who are looking for new opportunities and we are a Preferred Member of the Top Echelon Network, Inc., the nation's largest network of independent recruiters. To learn more about this service, visit our other website


    Our Employee leasing service involves HTSS, Inc. Howells Staffing assuming your legal and administrative responsibilities, including payroll, benefits, and other human resource functions. Unlike temporary help, leased employees are not "supplied labor" in the sense of recruiting, screening, and training. We do not necessarily assume legal responsibility for the work performed.


    So you don't know exactly how long you'll need the extra help? Then our Long-term temporary service is for you. We can supply employees to work on long-term assigments for an indefinite time period. Long-term staffing can involve just a few individuals, or it can involve a significant portion of the staff you require to operate a specific function on an ongoing basis.


    With on-site management, HTSS, Inc. Howells Staffing contracts with your company not just to provide and supervise staff, but to take full responsibility for performing the outsourced fuction. Examples could include operating a mail room or supplying cafeteria services. You, the customer, would not supervise or control the details of the work performed by our employees in this situation.


    Payroll management, or pay rolling, is when you the customer recruit the employee and then ask us to hire this person and assign him/her to your company. Another form of payroll management is when you place one of your employees on our payroll. Payroll management is distinguishable from employee leasing if the individuals are on temporary assignments or projects and does not involve a large percentage of your workforce, or of the employees at particular worksite.


    Short-term temporary help involves assigning our employees to your company to support or supplement your workforce. This is beneficial during employee absences, temporary skill shortages, seasonal workloads, and special assignments and projects.


    This rapidly growing service combines the elements of temporary help and placement services. Under these arrangements, your company asks us to recruit individuals who may be interested in full time work and assign them to you for a trial period. During this trial period both you and the candidate can evaluate how well the relationship works. During the trial period, the individual will be employed through us. At the end of the trial period, you have the option to hire the employee onto your full time staff.
    860 Broad Street
    Suite 111
    Emmaus, PA 18049
    Toll Free: 1-888-711-HTSS