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Employer Quick Look

FCC Environmental

FCC Environmental is one of the world's largest environmental services companies. It forms part of FCC, present in more than fifty countries and generating over $20 billion in annual revenues. In the United States we serve more than 30,000 customers from New York to Texas.

Our first goal to our customers who use hydrocarbon services from FCC is to help them minimize their waste. When waste generation can’t be prevented, reuse and recycle are the top of the EPA’s waste management practices list. How these materials are managed matters greatly to you as a generator and to FCC Environmental as a service provider.

We actively seek out new employees to help us grow, improve support to our customers, and align with our core values. We pride ourselves in offering a competitive salary and benefits plan.
FCC Environmental cares about the environment and is dedicated to keeping its customers compliant. We provide the highest caliber services for managing used oil, used oil filters, used absorbents, parts cleaners, and a wide variety of water mixtures containing oil, fuel or antifreeze. SERVICES OFFERED:
  • Used Oil Recycling and Recycled Fuel Oil Sales
  • Used Antifreeze Recycling and Antifreeze Product Sales
  • Used Oil Filter Recycling
  • Oily Water and Oily Waste Recycling
  • Non-Hazardous Watsewater Treatment
  • Off-Specification Fuel Recycling (UST & PST Fluids and Gasoline-Water Mixtures)
  • Oily-Water Separator Cleaning Services
  • Collection and Transportation Services
  • Parts Cleaner Services
  • Paint Waste Recycling Services
  • Emergency Response Support
  • Field Services
  • Storage Container Rental and Sale
  • Absorbent Sales and Disposal Services
* Services may vary by location
FCC Environmental 523 N Sam Houston Pky E, #400, Houston, TX 77060 Phone: (281) 668-3300
We offer the following company paid benefits:

Employee Assistance Program
Basic Life Insurance
Accidental Death and Dismemberment
Short Term Disability
Paid Vacation

In addition, we offer the following opt-in employee benefits:

Buy up LTD Benefit
Optional Employee Life
Optional Spouse Life
Optional Child Life
Optional AD&D
Flexible Spending Accounts
Core Values
Safety and Environmental Compliance:
All FCC Environmental employees are required to perform their job duties in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. FCC will not sacrifice the safety of our employees or the environment for profit or convenience. Promoting safety in the workplace and strictly following all safety and environmental rules and regulations is not only an expectation, but a condition of employment. All FCC employees have the right free of retaliation to question, challenge or otherwise report any actions within the company deemed unsafe or inappropriate.

FCC Environmental expects honest, forthright and transparent conduct from all its employees, in line with the company’s Code of Ethics and written policies and procedures. The relationships that are critical to our success depend entirely on maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards, while demonstrating honesty and fairness in conducting our business affairs.

Respect for People:
Provide a harassment free workplace. Value diversity. Promote teamwork and collaboration in the workplace. Value all employees’ ideas, while encouraging creative thinking. Encourage open and constructive discussion at all levels. Promote honest and open communication without fear of reprisal. Continually seek to grow and develop professionally and personally.

Customer Service:
FCC Environmental is a service organization. We endeavor to demonstrate service to our customers that has an unwavering commitment to excellence. Each individual will be evaluated as to their actions to take great care of customers, and represent FCC Environmental as a world class customer service organization.

Social Responsibility:
We expect all employees to represent the company well in the communities where we live, operate and serve. As a company we recognize the importance of being active in the community, while being good social citizens to our neighbors who live and work around us. Representing FCC in a positive manner to the public is an expectation for all employees.

All our employees are to assume full accountability for their actions personally and professionally while on the job representing FCC Environmental. We will meet our commitments to co-workers regardless of position or rank in the company. Everyone must accept direct responsibility for their job performance. Employees will have both individual and team oriented goals and objectives as agreed upon between them and their direct supervision. All employees’ job performance will be evaluated, and subsequently rewarded based on how well they have succeeded in achieving the agreed upon work objectives. The company goal is to create a meritocracy based culture where entrepreneurship and prudent risk taking are encouraged and rewarded.

Our key stakeholders; including shareholders, FCC Group management, customers, suppliers and employees expect us not only to work safely, behave well, value each other, take care of customers and be good neighbors, but to make money. The core objective of our company is to be a profitable. While our primary objective is profitability we will do it in a manner that is consistent with being true to our core values as individuals and as a company.