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Chrysalis Health


Our Mission Statement


Who We Are and What We Do

Chrysalis Health is a for-profit, community mental health center recognized and respected for innovative programming and an industry leader. The Company was established in 1995 when our CEO, Manuel Menendez took over Crawford Center to expand therapeutic services for children suffering from sexual trauma. Today, Chrysalis Health employs nearly 1,000 employees to provide a comprehensive array of programming and services to children, adolescents, families and adults to include:

  • Individual, Group and Family Therapy
  • Adult Psychosocial Rehabilitation
  • Residential Programs and Services
  • Mental Health Treatment
  • Substance Use Services
  • Trauma Focused Services
  • Psychiatric Evaluation/Treatment
  • Psychological and Psychosexual Evaluation
  • Sexual Behavior and Trauma Specific Treatment
  • Case Management and Care Coordinator Services
  • Housing

Areas of Specialization

Substance Use and Co-Occurring Disorders
Chronic and Severe Behavioral Health Conditions

Six Things You Should Know About Chrysalis Health

As you explore career opportunities you will learn many things about many places. Short on time? Here’s what makes Chrysalis Health a great place to work and six things we want you to know about joining our team:

1. Most Important Asset. The dedicated professionals across Florida at Chrysalis Health are our most important asset.

2. Clinical Excellence. We provide training and supervision in evidenced based and innovative cutting edge practices. The knowledge you acquire at Chrysalis Health becomes an invaluable asset carried throughout the rest of your career.

3. Opportunity. A diversified community mental health and substance use company with major operations in residential, therapeutic, psychiatric, substance use and psychosocial rehabilitation programming and services, as well as the necessary departments to support operations. Ability to work amongst well-known and highly awarded professional within the industry.

4. Work/Life Balance. From our onsite yoga classes and meditations to our flexible corporate culture, we offer a number of benefits that help our team members succeed in and beyond the workplace. Integration of competitive compensation packages, health and ancillary benefits, retirement planning, employee assistance programs, learning and development, as well as performance and recognition.

5. Community Impact. We strengthen and change lives every day. We help build meaningful relationships, encourage personal responsibility and promote respect for oneself and others. By fulfilling a need to help and serve, we create a ripple effect within communities across Florida.

6. Diversity. We strive to provide culturally competent services that recognize and respect the behavior, ideas, attitudes, values, beliefs customs, language, rituals, ceremonies, practices and characteristics of a particular group of people.


• Since Chrysalis Health clients have their own unique personalities and issues, we provide services that are customized to their environment. These services also highlight our clients’ strengths and abilities, enabling them to better function in the community. We focus on building these strengths and abilities as they are the foundation to successful living.

• Clients cannot progress without a strong support system. This often includes family, friends, religious organizations and other community agencies in which the client participates. We encourage our clients’ support systems to fully engage as partners in all stages of treatment.

• Clients should remain connected and active in the community. Therefore, we provide many services in clients’ homes, home-like settings, schools and other community locations.  

• Chrysalis Health services recognize and respect the behavior, ideas, attitudes, values, beliefs, customs, language, rituals, ceremonies, practices and characteristics of our clients.

• We pursue collaboration with the other service providers involved in the client’s life, including educators, health care professionals, social service representatives, community organizations, spiritual leaders, and the legal system. The client and these representatives define treatment goals, develop a service/treatment plan, determine necessary resources for implementation, and provide holistic services.

• Our philosophy is to ensure services are provided in the least restrictive and intrusive manner possible, utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy as our practice model for therapeutic programs. 


• Medical, Dental, Vision
• Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability
• EAP, Health Advocate
• Wellness Program including on site Yoga and Mindful Awareness Training
• Voluntary Supplemental
• Paid Time Off
• Supervision provided for licensure
• Work life balance

Contact US

Administrative Locations

Broward Administrative Office
3800 West Broward Blvd., Suite 100
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
Main Phone Number 954 587 1008

Miami Dade Administrative Office
351 Altara Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33146

Tampa Office
812 W Dr. MLK Jr. Blvd, Suite 203
Tampa, FL 33603
Phone: 813-443-4827


Orietta Levinson
Lead Recruiter
954 5897 1008 Ext 1040

Laila Kassam
954 587 1008 Ext 1013