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Conestoga-Rovers & Associates


Since 1976, CRA has grown from a small, regional engineering company, to one of the world´s most sought after, multidisciplinary engineering and consulting firms. Starting with the merger in 1976 of Frank A. Rovers & Associates and Conestoga Engineering, and less than 10 employees, CRA has grown to become a Family of Companies with 3000 employees in over 100 offices. In the late 1970s, CRA´s reputation for environmental work developed from its investigation, remedial design, and oversight of the Love Canal cleanup in Niagara Falls, New York. This project was the primary impetus for what is now the Superfund program in the United States and gave CRA international recognition in the environmental field. Since then, completed projects number in the thousands. Technical excellence and a penchant for capitalizing on opportunity account for much of CRA´s growth in the early years. Our civil engineering/municipal infrastructure roots lie in providing traditional full service engineering design and construction oversight services to several municipalities commencing in the 1970s. Many of these early clients remain with us, which is a strong testament to our quality services. Corporate responsibility, corporate accountability, technical excellence and a commitment to consistent, superior services is a philosophy that has already proven crucial to CRA´s outstanding, worldwide reputation...One which will enable the corporation to manage a future of continued growth and the provision of expert services to its clients.

CRA is committed to a safe and healthful work environment for all its employees. It is our belief that our employees are the Company’s most valuable resource and that they deserve the right to practice their profession in a safe working environment in each and every work place where CRA conducts business. CRA’s written Safety and Health policy reflecting the Company’s commitment to an effective health and safety program is attached for your review.

This document outlines the goals and objectives of the CRA safety and health program entitled, Safety Means Awareness Responsibility and Teamwork (SMART). The SMART program was enacted to provide the foundation for continuous improvement in our safety performance and serve as a vehicle by which we sustain the importance of safety and health management in our daily activities. Our goal with respect to safety performance is for each employee to consider safety a service they provide to our customers. The customers of this service include themselves, their families, co-workers, management, and clients. The way employees provide this service is through their behavior. Employee behavior is perhaps more significant in determining accident rates than actions taken by management. Unlike manufacturing facilities characterized by constant management monitoring of safety behavior, the nature of the environmental consulting business requires independent employees working at remote sites lacking management presence. To achieve our vision, employees must believe in our safety principles, internalize our principles, and act accordingly regardless of the presence of management.

    Engineering projects range from simple single-disciplinary projects to complex, multi-discipline, multi-million dollar projects. We offer responsive and cost-effective engineering services ranging from conceptual design, through to the development of plans and specifications, contract administration, construction supervision, and operations.


    Environmental services include the assessment and cleanup of historic contamination, and the management of ongoing operations to achieve and maintain environmental compliance. CRA always keeps our clients´ mandate of cost-effective environmental responsibility at heart with careful regard for the protection of the public and the environment.


    CRA provides the full scope of possible project delivery methods for construction services including advisory, conventional construction management, design-build, design-build-operate, and design-build-own-operate. CRA has the unique capability to blend technical design expertise with practical constructability issues, to meet the goals of its clients.


    Information technology integrates many of CRA’s other services. CRA´s main objective is to provide unique and user-friendly electronic data handling and data access solutions. We recognize that information is the foundation for solving environmental and engineering problems.
Why Work for CRA?
13 reasons why you should work at CRA:
  • CRA employees are the Best!
  • CRA employees experience employment stability & advancement
  • Variety of career paths & inter-company mobility
  • Dynamic entrepreneurial environment
  • Challenging projects
  • Industry leadership using leading-edge innovative technology
  • Multi-disciplinary team-based work environment
  • Competitive wages
  • Comprehensive benefit package
  • Health Club & fitness reimbursement
  • Training & professional development
  • Family oriented workplace
  • Extensive social events & extra-curricular activities