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Equipment and logistics. Technology and market analytics. Innovative and grounded by stability of purpose and clear mission. Diversity of skills and expertise. This is TTX Company.

Since 1955, TTX Company has been a unique and creative provider to the rail industry. We are privately-owned by North America's leading railroads and were created to provide them a pool of railcars that do not require the roads to spend scarce capital . We proudly sustain and build on this heritage today, owning and managing a fleet of more than 200,000 flatcars, boxcars and gondolas that move intermodal containers, automobiles, lumber, machinery, building materials, steel and other commodities across Canada, Mexico and the United States.

TTX Company’s unique mix of operations – combining heavy equipment and financial services management with market intelligence services – and downtown Chicago headquarters location can offer large corporate style work content and challenge. Our extensive heavy repair network can offer equal work challenge in manufacturing-oriented facilities across the United States.

Why TTX? Our modest company size and emphasis on quality, service, safety and adding core values to the rail industry promote a work culture where people and personal ties matter. We live our values. We pursue useful change taking a thoughtful, measured view towards long-term needs. We hire selectively, seeking those who would like to share in our commitment to excellence and support of North American rail capability. Come take a look at TTX Company.
Forward thinking. We think about the future, anticipate needs, and provide information and railcars that contribute to our customers’ success.
COMPETITVE PAY AND BENEFITS TTX Company pays competitive salaries and has excellent benefits. Benefits include: comprehensive healthcare package, life insurance, up to 3 weeks of vacation the first year, twelve paid holidays, a 401K Plan with company matching contributions, private pension plan, and opportunities for continuing education. COMMITMENT TO HEALTH AND WELLNESS TTX makes a strong commitment to health and wellness of all employees. The Corporate headquarters has an onsite fitness center, an annual health fair for all employees, and periodic company competitions—basketball tournaments; tennis matches; running groups; as well as participation in the Chicago corporate challenge an annual 3.5mile race. COMMITMENT TO OUR COMMUNITIES The TTX Charitable Contributions Committee allocates funds to each department to give to charities of their choice that comply with the TTX’s giving philosophy. In addition to these charities, we have corporate sponsored programs (Toys for Tots, Salvation Army angel gift tree, and Tools for Schools) for our employees to personally contribute to others in need. COMMITMENT TO QUALITY In conjunction with our values, TTX is committed to a Total Quality Management process to achieve continuous quality improvement in all areas of the company. Under this TQM process, an all-volunteer employee-based Quality Improvement Team (QIT) is tasked with coordinating responses to all improvement suggestions received. QIT reinforces TTX’s commitment to quality and helps inspire employees to be part of and take personal accountability for improving how our business operates.
Best information. Best cars. Best prices.
Every day, we partner with North America’s railroads to support and secure their success by forecasting and managing shipping needs; providing a dependable and available fleet of railcars; and offering the most competitive prices.
Firm understanding of our equipment, services and industry needs
Able to anticipate and serve customer requirements
Knowing how my role adds value to TTX’s business
Have experience and skill in what ‘I’ do
Encourage and share learning for continuous improvement
Treat all with respect and courtesy
Highest quality service delivered consistently
Personal conduct and image conveys confidence and leadership
Put BEST SELF forward every day
Commitment to ethical standards in all actions
Act honestly, in fairness and prudence
Honor the best interests of TTX and our owners
‘I’ meet my commitments and do what I say
Hold confidential knowledge shared from our owners
Quality, defect-free equipment
Value personal and co-worker well-being, take safety seriously
People first, TTX creates safe work sites
‘I’ know and help improve our work practices
Pooling of railcars affords railroads the flexibility to respond to changing market conditions and enables them to meet demand without needing to invest in redundant equipment. We make that investment on the industry’s behalf, promoting environmentally sound practices and economic efficiency. Unlike cars owned by the individual railroads, TTX Company railcars do not have to be returned empty to the owning railroad after being unloaded by another railroad. Instead, the railcars can be reloaded and transported to any other destination by any railroad. This practice avoids unnecessary fuel waste helping the rail industry strengthen its green footprint.

We invest continuously in equipment research and development, using sophisticated engineering expertise in a number of ways. Our industry-leading technology systems together with our accounting and financial services expertise enable TTX Company to offer railcar management services such as AA repair auditing, shop car tracking and damaged/destroyed car processing. We maintain our car fleet to the highest standards continuing a long-term view towards quality, safety and environmental sound practices. We have close ties with welding schools and groups throughout the United States.

This is TTX Company. Proud heritage of equipment design and operations offering cost-competitive freight car solutions. Best information. Best cars. Best prices. Forward Thinking.
TTX Company

101 North Wacker Drive
Illinois 60606

Phone: (312) 853-3223