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Employer Quick Look

Glazer's, Inc.

Sales - Marketing
HQ: Dallas, TX   |  
Glazer’s, Inc. is one of the country’s largest and most successful distributors of beverage alcohol. What sets us apart is our spirit of partnership with customers and suppliers. We focus on building brands through strategic marketing and dedicated service. By investing in our people, in technology and sales resources we succeed in being an industry leader.
People are what make Glazer’s, Inc. a great place to work. Glazer’s employees are ambitious, creative and passionate individuals working in areas of sales, marketing, administration and distribution. Every team member has an important role to play in serving our customers and contributing to the business.
Glazer’s is committed to being the finest sales and marketing organization within our industry. Achieving that objective requires attracting, developing and retaining high performing individuals who share our commitment to excellence. Whether you're a college graduate ready to start your career, or a professional looking for your next challenge, we offer exciting opportunities to learn, stretch and grow.
The Glazer’s Family of Companies offers a competitive compensation package that includes:
  • Medical Coverage *
  • Prescription Medicine Plan *
  • Dental Care *
  • Vision Care *
  • Life insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • 401(K) Program
  • Paid Vacation
  • Tuition Reimbursement
* Dependants are eligible for coverage under this plan.

We are committed to being the finest sales and marketing organization within our industry and the preferred provider of products in each of our markets. Achieving that objective requires attracting and developing high-potential individuals who share our commitment to excellence.

Meeting the challenges within our industry requires us deploying a professional team who sets high standards and consistently achieves objectives. At Glazer’s, we recognize that  training is a critical component in helping you reach personal growth and development.

Our philosophy on developing people is very clear. We seek to promote ambitious, hard-working,   successful people to positions of greater responsibility as quickly as their readiness and opportunity make it possible.

  • Intellectual capital is the key to Glazer’s success. The brightest and most dedicated employees in the Adult Beverage Industry lead Glazer’s on a day-to-day basis. We continually strive to develop our people with personal development programs that provide opportunities to promote the continuation of higher education. Glazer's deploys a Corporate Training team that is dedicated to developing an industry leading curriculum.

  • Part of our mission statement demonstrates our dedication.

  • Investing our resources in the recruiting
    and development of our people enables us to maintain the the highest and most ethical performance standards.

  • Our commitment to hiring the best talent available, as well as retaining and continually developing our Intellectual Capital has positioned Glazer’s as one of the leading companies in the Adult Beverage Industry.
Glazer’s is proud of its family and senior leadership teams, which have helped Glazer’s grow over time into its current industry leadership position. Glazer’s top managers are a mix of company-grown leaders, talent obtained from the beverage industry, and talent secured from other leading consumer products companies.

College grads that join our workforce will be presented with an energetic environment along with vigorous and demanding work. Although challenging, our opportunities shape our future leaders.

Glazer’s recognizes that to have leaders of tomorrow, you must invest in and build them today. Our Sales Trainees will learn Inventory and Account Management, Merchandising, Customer Relations, Marketing and other key business skills through a combination of classroom, online learning and real-world field experiences.

Regardless of your degree focus, our Sales Trainee program can help you build a solid business foundation. Additionally, our rewards are sculpted so that the level of input, creativity and energy graduates bring to Glazer’s can result in increased opportunities.

Are you ready to rise to the challenge?