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Myers Tire Supply

Automotive - Motor Vehicles - Parts

Myers Tire Supply delivers the value of one-stop shopping for tire, wheel, and supplies. With widespread branch coverage across the US and throughout the Americas, an unrivaled selection of the highest quality products, and deep commitment to customer care. Myers Tire Supply is the industry leader.

Major Product Lines:
  • Tire Valves & Accessories
  • Wheel Weights
  • Tire Changing & Balancing Equipment
  • Vehicle Service Lifts & Jacks
  • Wheel Alignment Equipment
  • Tire Patches, Plugs & Repair Chemicals
  • Tire Retreading Supplies & Equipment
  • TPMS Equipment & Supplies
  • Tire Inflation Systems, Gauges & Accessories

  • Major Markets Served:
  • Retail Tire Dealers
  • Truck Tire Dealers
  • Auto Dealers
  • Commercial Auto & Truck Fleets
  • Tire Retreaders
  • General Repair & Service Facilities
  • About Myers Tire Supply

    Myers Tire Supply was founded in 1933 in Akron, OH, and today is the Distribution business of parent company Myers Industries, Inc. (NYSE: MYE). Myers Tire Supply is the industry’s one-stop shop for tire, wheel and undervehicle service products, including:

  • Tire Valves & Accessories
  • Tire Changing & Balancing Equipment
  • Lifts & Alignment Equipment
  • Tire Repair & Retread Supplies
  • Service Equipment
  • Hand Tools
  • On-Site Service & Training Programs

  • “Know the Customer’s Needs and Deliver
    Superior Products and Service.”

    The words of Myers Tire supply founder Louis S. Myers have an even stronger meaning in today’s competitive marketplace. Customers across diverse market segments look to Myers Tire Supply as their partner and reliable single source for the tools, equipment and supplies that make their businesses more efficient and profitable.

    Myers Tire Supply sells everything that professionals need to service passenger, truck and off-road tires. Our full-line product coverage is unmatched in the industry. We purchase products from the top manufacturers to ensure superior quality for our customers. From computerized tire balancing and alignment equipment to service bay hydraulic lifts, impact wrenches, tire repair patches, wheel weights, shop rags and more – Myers can completely outfit the service department of a local auto dealer or the largest national tire chain.

    And our market coverage provides the unique ability to speed new products to customers faster than anyone, which is a distinct value-advantage. Myers Tire Supply services the market from four regional Distribution Centers, with sales offices for more than 170 sales representatives located throughout the major metropolitan areas of the United States. Myers Tire Supply also serves international customers in Canada, Central and South America and select regions in Europe, the Far East and Middle East.

    With widespread distribution coverage, a comprehensive selection of the highest quality products, and on-site customer service, our Myers Tire Supply brand leads this business in North America. And customers can rely on Myers Tire Supply to help them grow their business – getting the right product to the right location at the right time, which keeps the cars and trucks moving down the roads with confidence.

    Myers Industries is
    an Equal Opportunity Employer


    Our benefits program at Myers Industries is called MYETotalRewards. Its focus is on giving our employees a complete program to connect their physical, financial and personal well being.
    MYETotalRewards is backed by the Company's commitment to programs, resources and tools to help employees – and their families – live healthy lives.
    Our MYETotalRewards program includes*:


    • Medical Plan: PPO or Health Savings Account (HSA)
    • Prescription Drug Plan
    • Dental Plan
    • Vision Plan
    • Tobacco Cessation Assistance Programs
    • Wellness Programs such as Biometric Screenings,“Yoga & Lunch”
    • Annual Health Fair, including Flu Shots

    • Retirement 401(k) Plan
    • Basic Life Insurance (Company Paid)
    • Optional Life Insurance Programs
    • Dependent Life Insurance
    • Business Travel Accident Insurance
    • Optional Accidental Death & Dismemberment Coverage
    • Short- and Long-Term Disability Coverage

    • Paid Vacation & Holidays
    • Employee Assistance, including Mental Health & Substance Abuse Programs
    • Participation in Community Service Programs

    *MYETotalRewards benefits vary throughout the Company. For greater detail, please contact the Corporate Human Resources Department at (330) 253-5592.

    About Myers Industries

    About Myers Industries
    Founded in 1933 in Akron, Ohio, Myers Industries is a diversified manufacturer of polymer products and distributor of tire service products, growing in markets ranging from industrial and agricultural to automotive and commercial. The Company’s leading portfolio of branded products is in four segments:

    Lawn & Garden Segment

    Myers Industries offers the leading brands for plastic pots, trays, baskets and decorative resin planters for the professional grower industry and retail garden centers...

  • Plastic Flowerpots and Tray Systems
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Decorative Resin Planters
  • Merchandising and Branding Programs

  • Key Markets:
  • Greenhouse Growers
  • Nursery Growers
  • Grower Distributors
  • Retail Garden Centers

  • Product Brands:
  • Dillen®
  • ITML®
  • Pro Cal®
  • Listo™
  • Akro-Mils Lawn & Garden™
  • Planters’ Pride®

  • Material Handling Segment
    Myers Industries has the most recognized brands for reusable containers and pallets to replace cardboard boxes and other disposable packaging, helping customers to reduce supply chain waste and costs...
  • Plastic Reusable Containers and Pallets
  • Plastic Storage and Organization Bins and Systems
  • Metal Wire Shelving Systems

  • Key Markets:
  • Agriculture / Seed
  • Automotive
  • Beverage Processing
  • Food Processing
  • Grocery Distribution
  • Healthcare / Medical
  • Industrial / Manufacturing
  • Retail Distribution

  • Product Brands:
  • Akro-Mils®
  • Buckhorn®
  • Myers do Brasil®

  • Engineered Products Segment

    Myers Industries produces engineered plastic components, custom products and tire repair products serving diverse niche markets...
  • Plastic Automotive HVAC Components
  • RV and Marine Fuel Tanks, Holding Tanks and Interior Parts
  • Custom Plastic Components
  • Tire Repair and Retread Products
  • Industrial Rubber Sheet Stock
  • Polymer Highway Marking Tapes
  • Waste Containers, Carts and Bins

  • Key Markets:
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Recreational Vehicle (RV)
  • Tire Repair
  • Waste Management

  • Product Brands:
  • Ameri-Kart™
  • Patch Rubber™
  • WEK Industries®

  • Distribution Segment

    With the Company’s Myers Tire Supply brand, Myers Industries is the largest U.S. distributor of tools, supplies and equipment for tire, wheel and undervehicle service professionals...
  • Tire Valves and Accessories
  • Tire Changing and Balancing Equipment
  • Lifts and Alignment Equipment
  • Tire Repair and Retread Supplies

  • Key Markets:
  • Auto Dealers
  • Auto Repair Facilities
  • Commercial Auto and Truck Fleets
  • Retail Tire Dealers
  • Retreaders
  • Truck Tire Dealers

  • Product Brands:
  • Myers Tire Supply®
  • Myers Tire Supply International®

  • Contact

    Mailing Address:

    Myers Industries, Inc.
    1293 South Main Street
    Akron, Ohio 44301
    Tel: 330-253-5592
    Fax: 330-761-6156 (Finance)
    Fax: 330-761-6115 (Human Resources)