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Wolseley Industrial Group


The Wolseley Industrial Group is
a leading supplier of solutions to the North American industrial market.
Recognized by industry professionals as the provider of trusted products and
solutions, we have built a reputation for simply delivering on our commitments
day in and day out.


With 260 locations and over 3200 experienced associates, the Wolseley Industrial Group is well positioned to support your industrial needs. Our organization believes in three core values: Quality people. Quality products. Quality processes.

What Wolseley Does

Our associate loyalty drives customer
loyalty. We recruit associates who exceed our customer's expectations. Our
prequalification, product inspection and testing insures our customers of
quality products. We require that our suppliers meet or exceed applicable
specifications. Finally, we are committed to continuing the formal ISO
9001:2000 program certification process for all of our industrial branches.

See a list of our operating
companies/divisions here: