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HQ: Fort Lauderdale, FL   |  
Established more than 65 years ago (1943) in Dayton Ohio, Dayton-Granger (DG) is a world-class manufacturer of antennas, electrostatics, and lightning protection equipment for aircraft and other applications.

In the early days of WWII, aircraft navigation and communication systems were, at times, unreliable in some weather environments. Responding to this requirement, DG developed and patented a way to significantly reduce precipitation static noise on aircraft. Thus the invention of the first static discharger, a new concept that was far superior in precipation static noise reduction, came to be.

Further R&D led to the creation of a new generation of static dischargers that have evolved into the technology that we use today. This experience in the electrostatic environment led to the development of the DG Electrostatic Diagnostic Test Set, a device used to isolate environmentally produced RF noise on aircraft.

DG's staff of expert electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineers are trained to address a wide range of customer requirements, including: electrostatics, antennas (active, passive, and conformal), lightning protection, radomes, and special purpose transceivers. DG is a pioneer and world leader in the design of sophisticated conformal and flush mounted antennas, for both rotary and fixed wing aircraft.

DG is a totally self-contained company located in a 105,000 square-foot facility on 19 acres adjacent to the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport. This facility, which contains manufacturing, engineering, purchasing, and shipping also includes three outdoor antenna test ranges, two anechoic chambers, and is capable of supporting full-scale mock-up testing of rotary and fixed wing aircraft sections.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility includes a complete modern machine shop with CNC milling and turning centers, tool and die capabilities, paint booths, lightning simulation lab, engineering prototypes shop, a climate-controlled bonding room, an 18 foot autoclave, and a special "clean room" electronic assembly area.

DG provides its customers with the latest technological advancements at unrivaled levels of quality. DG, a recognized world leader in conformal and active antennas, leads the way in technical performance. DG's universally accepted products are manufactured to consistently exceed the most stringent requirements of any client, including the military, commercial, and general aviation industries.
Career Opportunities
In business for 65 years, Dayton-Granger (DG) manufactures a complete line of general aviation, commercial, and military aircraft and vehicular antennas, as well as electrostatic dischargers and retainers for general aviation, commercial aviation and military aircraft. We also manufacture radome lightning diverters as well as composite structures for all aircraft up through supersonic..

DG also offers an electrostatic service to assist in isolating and correcting environmentally produced electrostatic noise interference on aircraft with improper bonding, ineffective static dischargers or isolated metal panels. DG has a complete electrostatic test lab and a complete lightning simulation lab for testing radomes, antennas and other products with respect to electrostatics and/or lightning attachments.

DG occupies an 105,000 square foot facility located adjacent to the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport on 18 acres of land. Our antenna test facility includes two anechoic chambers, a 32' ground plane, a 28' model tower, and a full scale range capable of supporting mock ups of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

State-of the art facilities also include a complete machine shop with CNC milling and turning centers, tool and die capabilities, numerous paint booths, engineering prototype shop, clean room, and an 18' autoclave for curing composites under pressure at high temperatures.

DG's engineering skills and depth of experience (since 1943) covers a broad spectrum of customer requirements, including antennas (active, passive and conformal), electrostatics, lightning protection, special purpose transceivers, and a large variety of aviation composite parts.
High Frequency Antennas (HF) 3 - 30 MHz

Marker Beacon Antennas (MB) 75 MHz

Frequency Modulation Antennas (FM) 30 - 88 MHz

VHF Omni Directional Range Antennas (VOR) 108 - 118 MHz

Very High Frequency Antennas (VHF) 30 - 174 MHz

Emergency Locator Transmitter Antennas (ELT) 121.5 MHz
243 MHz
406 MHz

Ultra High Frequency Antennas (UHF) 225 - 400MHz

Multi Band Antennas (L-Band) 30 - 88 MHz
108 - 174 MHz
960 - 1220 MHz

Satellite Communications Antennas (SATCOM) 225 - 400 MHz

Glidescope Antennas (GS) 329 - 336 MHz

Distance Measuring Antennas (DME) 960 - 1220 MHz

Transponder Antenna (TXPR) 960 - 1220 MHz

Global Positioning System Antennas (GPS) 1.217 - 1.609 GHz

Microwave Landing System Antennas (MLS) 5.03 - 5.09 GHZ

Radio Altimeter (RAD/ALT) 4.2 - 4.4 GHz