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Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.

Safety-Kleen is the leading parts washer, industrial waste management and oil recycling and re-refining company in North America, with approximately 4,500 employees in 200 service and recycling centers across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The Company provides cost effective and environmentally sound cleaning, recycling and waste management services to 400,000 customers, ranging from local auto shops to government agencies and many Fortune 500 corporations. Safety-Kleen is also proud to be the official trackside environmental services provider for all major venues of the NASCAR Nextel Cup, Busch Grand National, Craftsman Truck, IROC, Champ Cars and Indy Racing League tracks.

Today, Safety-Kleen’s customer base includes thousands of industrial and manufacturing accounts, and the company offers a variety of products and services to collect, manage, and recycle a broad range of wastes and industrial chemicals, as well as a providing customers a full-range of parts-washer and used oil recycling capabilities. The Company’s experience, scope of services and products, use of innovative and advanced technology, and reputation for outstanding customer service allows us to continue providing reliable, high-quality environmental solutions that are the best for our customers, and the best for the environment.

This is today’s Safety-Kleen, but the road to becoming North America’s premier environmental services company began humbly more than 38 years ago.

The Beginning

In 1968, Safety-Kleen was a small but growing private company when it was acquired by the Chicago Rawhide Corporation. The next 20 years saw rapid, steady growth, including the company going public and being listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1983. The company’s core business was a parts washer machine that offered a more efficient and environmentally compatible way of cleaning dirty metal parts with solvent. Prior to the development of the parts washer, metal parts were usually scrubbed clean in open containers using gasoline or another solvent, and that solvent was often disposed of directly onto the ground or into a community sewer system.
Safety-Kleen is committed to providing our employees and their families competitive pay and benefits, as well as ongoing professional development training opportunities from a full-time training staff that helps employees acquire or strengthen the skills needed to excel in their careers.
Career Opportunities
Dallas Morning News talks to Safety-Kleen CEO Fred J. Florjancic

Whatever happened to ... Safety-Kleen Systems

Published: December 18, 2005

Two years after emerging from a difficult bankruptcy, Safety-Kleen Systems Inc. is beginning to look like a turnaround success.
The Plano-based waste management firm, which emerged from Chapter 11 as a private company in December 2003, has shown five consecutive quarters of revenue and profit growth and is expecting to post a sixth. Revenue was $868 million for 2004, an $18 million increase from the previous year. And under new chief executive Fred J. Florjancic Jr., the company has put together a comprehensive strategic plan.

For Mr. Florjancic, 58, Safety-Kleen's turnaround is a personal success as well. In his first stint as a chief executive, Mr. Florjancic had discovered a company with limited cash flow and damaged credibility from the bankruptcy and an accounting scandal.

"We had skeptical bankers, skeptical owners and, as a matter of fact, I think all the constituencies we deal with ... needed reassurance that Safety-Kleen is here for the future," he said.

"So one of my biggest challenges, both individually and professionally, is to regain the respect that Safety-Kleen once had in the marketplace."

There was also a need to build confidence within the company, Mr. Florjancic said.

"You have to change some of the culture. You have to get people used to change," he said. "You've got to build a management team where there's good chemistry and there's no superstars but a good team working effort. You've got to set challenging targets and goals and monitor those goals, and you've got to measure and reward performance."

Mr. Florjancic ticks off a list of Safety-Kleen's recent accomplishments:

* It won a national contract with the U.S. Postal Service.

* It received a three-year renewal of its contract with Wal-Mart and expanded its deal with FedEx.

* It completed a major refinancing of its senior debt.

"The organization is walking taller, smiling more," Mr. Florjancic said. "Confidence is building. Success begets success, and those successes are becoming more frequent."

For the future, Mr. Florjancic said he wants to increase revenue and profitability, pay down debt, increase the company's financial flexibility, and perhaps even take Safety-Kleen public again.

"This company, in my humble opinion, deserves to be a public company," he said. "It once was a very well-respected and very profitable public company. And I quite frankly can see the day in the not-too-distant future when that can become a reality."
What are Safety-Kleen’s Core Values?
  • Safety-Kleen will provide our customers with the highest-quality services and products to always meet their changing needs
  • Safety-Kleen and each of our employees will fully comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and we will maintain the highest ethical business standards
  • Safety-Kleen will provide our employees with the training, tools and resources needed to serve our customers, and will offer competitive compensation and benefits and a safe, healthy and quality work environment
  • Safety-Kleen will be an involved and supportive corporate citizen, seeking to enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve
  • Safety-Kleen will deliver shareholder value by maximizing revenues, responsibly managing costs, and preserving key company assets
Safety-Kleen’s greatest asset is our team of more than 4,500 professionals in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. The company’s network of more than 200 locations affords employees professional opportunities throughout the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, as well as the advantages of working for a highly respected, nationally-known brand.

In addition to providing you advanced and effective parts washers, as we have for more than 38 years, Safety-Kleen can also become your partner in waste management, recycling and meeting environmental regulations. We’ve teamed with our customers to develop and offer the most comprehensive menu of environmental services available in North America. Safety-Kleen allows you and your employees to focus on what matters most--managing and growing your business. We’ve worked to build a team that takes the problems out of disposing of brake fluid, oily rags, antifreeze and virtually all other hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. Additionally, Safety-Kleen can help make your life easier by keeping up with the permits, rules, regulations, and reports required to keep you in compliance and to help you avoid unnecessary fines that could affect your business.


Safety-Kleen Provides Our Customers with the Highest Quality Products to Meet their Changing Needs.

For 38 years, Safety-Kleen has been partnering with customers to develop and provide products to solve a broad range of industrial and manufacturing needs. By constantly seeking the best technologies to help our customers be more competitive, Safety-Kleen products address our customers’ most pressing needs. Safety-Kleen also supplies fresh solvent or solution to clean the equipment, assists with paperwork, and removes waste solvent according to government regulations.

In response to growing customer demand, many of our products are now available for on-line purchasing at Our secured site helps businesses and individuals get Safety-Kleen quality with Internet convenience. Products available for on-line ordering include:

  • Parts Washers (Free shipping on all Parts Washers)
  • Solvents
  • Absorbents
  • Cleaning Accessories
Corporate Headquarters

Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.

Address: Cluster II, Building 3
5400 Legacy Drive
Plano, Texas 75024

Telephone: (800) 669-5740
(972) 265-2000


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