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Employer Quick Look

McClatchy Interactive

McClatchy Interactive launched one of the first electronic news sites on the Web, The Nando Times, in the Spring of 1994 and premiered The SportServer shortly thereafter. As a result of our experience and depth of news content, we naturally evolved as a resource for other Web publishers.
McClatchy Interactive's roots date to 1994 as the online arm of The News and Observer newspaper in Raleigh, NC. The company was named "Nando" at the time. The Nando name was originally derived from "NandO", which represents an abbreviation of the newspaper name.
In 1995, The McClatchy Company purchased The News and Observer and Nando with the long term strategy of centralizing operations for all the company's interactive operations within Nando.
Since then, McClatchy Interactive has evolved into the Internet hub for McClatchy's newspapers and is also a provider of online publishing tools for media businesses and organizations across the United States and Canada.
We offer a competitive salary and an excellent benefits package including pension, 401K and employee stock purchase plan.
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To keep affiliate news sites competitive in the rapidly changing world of the Internet, McClatchy Interactive currently provides a content management system, registration and data collection services, hosting and design services, ad management, news content and technical expertise. Because every market is different, solutions are scaled to meet the varying online needs of McClatchy Interactive’s affiliate organizations. In addition, McClatchy Interactive couples its technology and technical services with regular consultation and communication with affiliates to support their revenue and business goals.
The Workbench Publishing System
The Workbench separates content and design, allowing editors to do editor things and designers to do designer things, all the while making it easy for an editor to make changes to a page without ever touching a template.

The InSite database will store your reader's information so it can be easily extracted for analysis. InSite can also be integrated with ad management tools to send highly targeted individual or group messages.
Human Resources:
The McClatchy Company is an equal opportunity employer and prohibits discrimination and harassment in the workplace. The company promotes a drug-free environment, and offers of employment at most McClatchy properties are contingent upon successful completion of a post-offer drug screen.
McClatchy Interactive prefers but does not require college degrees for our employees. We understand that knowledge combined with experience creates a powerful and successful employee. We do expect our employees to be fully capable of handling all the responsibilities for a position and to illustrate their individual skills and qualities in their daily tasks. The talent of our employees makes McClatchy Interactive a great company.