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Largent & Associates

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Largent & Associates specializes in providing permanent staffing solutions to companies in the industrial and diagnostics markets. We assess, recruit, and present only the best qualified candidates for our clients.

Whether you need assistance filling a position or finding one, contact Largent & Associates and let us demonstrate the value of a committed partner in the recruiting process.

For more than 10 years Largent & Associates has specialized in providing permanent staffing solutions to companies throughout the United States. We work primarily with organizations in the industrial and diagnostics markets.

Candidates and clients alike find the Largent & Associates staffing experience so positive that many of our assignments are generated from referral and repeat business. This is how we measure success at Largent & Associates, by our customers’ loyalty and by the length and strength of our relationships with them.
Watch Your Body Language

How important are the first five minutes of your interviews? If you're like most candidates, those few minutes have more impact on whether you are asked back than any other portion of the application process. "Body language can absolutely sabotage an interview," said image consultant Susan Bixler. Lack of eye contact and being hesitant about where to sit means you are apologetic about having to take up the interviewer’s time. Arms crossed across the chest may be comfortable for you, but seems offsetting and closed to an interviewer. Hand motions can betray how nervous you candidate are. The way a candidate crosses his legs or leans back in his chair can also display more about his personality and attitude than his answer to the most challenging interview questions.

Image consultant Susan Bixler says you should never underestimate the importance of nonverbal communication in a job interview

Your suit is from Brook Brothers. You've got an MBA from Harvard. Resume is awesome. Research on the company? Done. Interview, schminterview. Feelin' good. Nothing could go wrong. And then, as you're talking to the recruiter, you're not sure about what to do with your arms, so you cross them over your chest. Uh-oh, now you could be in trouble.

Like it or not, whether you get the job or not could actually hinge on what seem like superficialities, including how you shake the interviewer's hand, whether you make appropriate eye contact, and, yes, where you put your arms, says image consultant Susan Bixler. Even though good body language alone won't land you an offer, it could tip the impression scale in your favor. On the other hand, posture that suggests you're defensive or other nonverbal blunders could take an otherwise strong candidate out the running, Bixler says.

Bixler is president of the Professional Image, an image-consulting firm that specializes in areas including nonverbal communication, wardrobe, social skills, networking and e-etiquette. The Atlanta-based company's clients include Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Deloitte & Touche, Merck, and MetLife. Bixler, the author of five books including the recent 5 Steps to Professional Presence (Adams Media, 2000), founded the firm in 1980, after the idea came to her while she was working as a regional sales director for Bonnie Bell Cosmetics.

"As simple as it sounds, I saw women act differently with makeup on," says Bixler. "And I thought, 'There is a strong relationship between what we do on the outside and how it affects the inside.'"
Largent & Associates specializes in permanent and interim executive placements. How we achieve our client’s objectives is what makes Largent & Associates a preferred partner.

Our philosophy when working with clients:
• To form long-term partnerships
• To fully understand our client’s business in general and their expectations for the position to be filled
• To make the candidate evaluation and selection process convenient and productive
• To communicate the activities and status of the search with the appropriate contacts in a timely manner

Our philosophy when working with candidates:
• To listen to and understand their career objectives and motivations
• To accurately represent the opportunity and the client
• To help them factually evaluate all options
• To help them interview effectively
Largent & Associates 1111 Main Street, Suite 100 Vancouver, WA 98660

Phone: 360 799 4920