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The Hamilton-Ryker Company was started in 1971 by Wayne McCreight as West Tennessee Personnel Services. One year later, Wayne was joined by Crawford Gallimore after they decided to share office space. Wayne was working on his cattle farm during the morning and would come into the office in the afternoon and work on placing engineers who were graduating from the University of Tennessee at Martin. Crawford was selling life insurance but had to leave in the afternoon as he was in a country music band. So the two decided to pool their resources and share one space.

In 1973, they decided to change the name from West Tennessee Personnel to something a little more "corporate" so they contracted with a marketing company in Memphis to come up with a more "corporate" name. They didn't want to use their last names (even though Gallicreight Staffing or McGallimore Personnel Services might sound catchy) for fear that if the company didn't succeed, they didn't want to embarrass their mothers by having their names associated.

After much consultation and exasperation, the marketing company finally decided that Wayne and Crawford would each come up with their own name and they would put a hyphen between the two.

Wayne reached in his pocket and had $10--which of course has Alexander Hamilton's picture on the face. Since Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury and the Hamilton Bank in Chattanooga was a well respected name, he thought it had a solid, corporate ring to it--so Hamilton it was.

Crawford was less traditional. His favorite TV show at the time was called "The Rookies" which was a series on rookie cops. His favorite character was Sergeant Ryker. So Ryker it was.

Today, we're one of the Southeast's largest privately held staffing companies, with over 20 locations in 4 states.
As the new economy emerges upon us, Hamilton-Ryker is expanding our focus to continue offering all our clients innovations and broader solutions in healthcare and outsourcing. For over thirty years Hamilton-Ryker has provided staffing solutions for nursing, allied health professionals, hospitals and clinics. In 2002, Hamilton-Ryker branded its healthcare division as mSTAT. The primary focus at mSTAT is helping healthcare organizations improve patient outcomes by providing highly skilled teams of nurses. This approach maximizes familiarity with hospital policies and procedures, improves relationships with hospital staff nurses, provides a continuum of care for patients and diminishes the "that's not in my contract" attitude sometimes affiliated with PRN/filler nurses. To find out more about mSTAT's full range of services, visit us online at
The mission of the Hamilton-Ryker Company is to be the nationally recognized leader for the provision of Human Resources, Management and Consulting Services.

We constantly bring to our clients the cutting edge technologies guaranteed to provide the quality and variety of services available. We embrace our responsibility to meet the changing needs of the industries which we serve and communities in which we live."
Hamilton-Ryker adheres to our Core Values. They are:
  • Fairness: Fairness is the hallmark of The Company's relationship with all team members. Everyone can expect consistent treatment.
  • Trust: Team members and The Company deal with one another, suppliers and customers with unquestioned integrity and trust.
  • Respect for Individuals: Every team member, customer and supplier is treated with dignity and respect.
  • Emphasis on Personal Competency: Everyone is fully competent in what they do. The Company has the responsibility to ensure this by whatever training is necessary.
  • Individuals and Business are Inseparably Tied Together: The welfare of team members and our business are inseparably tied together. In this atmosphere, everyone wins together.
  • Teamwork: Everyone works together in a spirit of collaboration and support. We have no inside "enemies".
  • Change: We unhesitatingly make changes in the way we do things if it makes sense.
  • Informed Decision Making: Decisions are made with input from all stakeholders.
  • Customer/Community: We are seen as a valuable asset by our customers and the communities in which we do business.
  • Fair Return on Investment: We conduct our business in order to receive a fair return on the investment of our stockholders.