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Medcor provides clinical interventions and management services to help companies reduce their health-care costs and improve health outcomes. Medcor provides its services with staff, systems, and software located on-site in large client locations or telephonically for smaller locations. Business entities can also integrate Medcor’s clinical interventions into their own systems to establish branded clinics.

By intervening at the moment an injury occurs, or at the onset of illness, Medcor can determine the severity of each case as well as the best course of action for its immediate treatment. With this approach, unnecessary treatments, claims, and costs are avoided, while required treatments are obtained right away.

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Medcor Philosophy and Values

Medcor embraces a set of simple, interconnected practices that everyone can tailor to their own life and work. It reminds us of what we often forget when we're busy, stressed-out, and self-absorbed. We transcend our values through Better@Medcor ongoing campaign encouraging our associates to make a conscious choice to practice our values (listed below), celebrate and recognize each other via our peer recognition program, and support one another during tough times.   Medcor realized the fact that a successful organization while championed by the executives must first be continuously driven by the employees themselves and thus most Better@Medcor programs are suggested and implemented by our associates.  Here is what we practice and believe in:

Be There! Think about how good it feels when someone gives you her or his undivided attention. By contrast, think about how it feels when someone barely looks at you. To really be there for another person - whether that person is a customer, coworker, family member or friend - has a powerful effect.


Choose Your Attitude! You consistently, whether you want to or not, choose your attitude. Your attitude not only affects you but everyone with whom you come in contact. Attitudes, whether they are helpful or hurtful, spread like viruses through offices, clinics, and homes. Celebrate each day by making the best of every moment.


Play! Playing at work creates an atmosphere that makes your job and the workplace more enjoyable. Play is a spirit that is more than just fun; it is an invitation to lightheartedness. It energizes the creativity and problem-solving abilities within you.



Make Their Day! Recognition can be a big production - flowers, candy, decorating your co-workers' offices for their birthdays - but it doesn't have to be. It might be as simple as holding open a door for someone whose arms are full, or telling a coworker, from your heart, how much you appreciate them. Make their day is easier when you understand that in every moment lies the possibility to make a positive impact on anyone you meet.


Better Me! Medcor is committed to the well being of our associates, who are our greatest asset.  We want you to enjoy the benefits of good health in every aspect of your life.  Better Me is a wellness plan program that is entirely voluntary.  Medcor will give you the tools, but you have to use them. This program includes risk assessments, health screenings, on‐going education, fitness, nutrition, coaching, health insurance discount and other services designed to help you improve your personal health.


Better Us! Practicing our values creates the work environment that has made Medcor a fun and rewarding place to work.  At Medcor, you are a part of a great team that retains its entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to quality, service and innovation.  We believe in teamwork and helping one another, which in turn assures the success of our organizations as a whole and empowers our associates to grow and succeed in their careers with Medcor. 

Medcor Inc.

P.O. Box 550
McHenry, IL 60051

Voice: (815) 363-9500
Fax : (815) 363-9696