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Longwood Management Corp. has provided consulting services to the Long Term Care industry in Los Angeles County since 1964—over 42 consecutive years. Longwood Management Corp. provides consulting for nursing and related services to a group of skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and a hospice center. Longwood Management Corp. also provides support for the nursing centers as to administration, financial reporting, human resources, legal matters, safety programs and physical plant services. The Longwood Management Corp. consulting team is responsive to issues that may arise in the challenging long term care environment.

The Longwood Management Corp. consultants include a full team of highly experienced nurses, physical and speech therapists, a team of nutritional and dietary consultants, an employee safety specialist, a Regional Director of Staff Development and medical records consultants. These consultants visit the skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and hospice to support and guide the staff in their efforts to meet residents’ needs, apply facility policies and procedures and comply with regulations.

For over 42 years, Longwood has developed relationships in the healthcare community with physicians, hospital case managers, managed care groups, the Department of Health Services, local, regional, and community hospitals, as well as the community at large. Additionally, the skilled nursing and assisted living facilities that Longwood Management Corp. provides consulting services to, are highly involved in the local community serving as locations for voting, sponsoring Alzheimer Association events, hosting various church and other volunteer events, and sponsoring local sports events for school children. The healthcare centers are rooted and committed to their local Southern California communities. Longwood Management Corp. leaders have been recognized by many leading political figures and have made significant endowments to local and community schools, foundations and other charitable groups. One of the skilled nursing centers that Longwood Management Corp. provides consulting services to was named as Awardee for Excellence by the Governor’s Committee in the Department of Health Services.

Services and Highlights

Longwood Management Corporation provides a broad range of administrative, consultative, and support services to skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and hospice center. These services include:

  • Accounting and Administrative Services

  • Accounts payable and processing

  • Auditing

  • Budgetary development and support

  • Bulk purchasing

  • Business information and communications

  • Cash management services

  • Clinical consulting

  • Compliance services

  • Cost report preparation and audit representation

  • Design and decorating services

  • Employee fringe benefits review and products

  • Human resources development

  • Information Systems and Information Technology support

  • Insurance review and insurance products

  • Legal services

  • Managed care contracting

  • Operational consulting and oversight support

  • Public Affairs

  • Reimbursement consulting

  • Tax - Federal income tax preparation

  • Tax - Local personal property and real estate - tax preparation

  • Tax - State income tax preparation
Longwood Management Corporation
4032 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 500
Los Angeles, CA 90010